30 Things to do this Summer Part 6

Above photo: billdoster.com

WBM has come up with the top 30 things to do to make this summer unforgettable. Don't spend your summer sitting around on your couch - get out there! Each week we'll release five more guidelines for the perfect summer of wake. Check out the final installment here:

26. Rule the Rails: JD Webb shows you how to make it simple and styley.  Click here for JD's rail instruction.

27. Make a Video: It's really not that hard.  Nowadays, if you have a camera phone and a Mac, you automatically have everything you need, even if you didn't know you had it.  It doesn't matter where you start, just as long as you do start.  You'll get better at both riding and filming if you combine the two.  Then, when you get your video done, upload it to mywake.tv's Nike 6.0 "Because Silas Says So" video contest and win free gear!

Photo: Spencer Smith

28. Bring Back Wrap Moves: Let the incomparable Danny Harf teach you how to do wrapped tricks the right way.  Click here for Danny's instructional.

29. Check out the Wake Park World Series at OWC: The Orlando Watersports Complex is hosting stop number two of the 2009 WWA Wake Park World Series with the US Wake Park Nationals and Wake Park World Series on June 12-14.  If you haven't witnessed top-level cable riding, we encourage you to check out our video of Nick Davies here.  Granted, Nick is just playing around and free riding in this video, but as we've seen from his performance at the first stop of the Wake Park World Series at Camsur Watersports Complex in the Philippines, Davies can easily transition his free riding skills into competition, as witnessed with his backside 900 straight off the dock; check that out in the video above.  With three more stops, the series comes to a head with the T-Mobile Extreme Playground competition in Hamburg, Germany.  Click here for all the vitals on the WWA Wake Park World Series and click here for information on the Orlando Watersports Complex.


**Photo: Rodrigo Donoso******

30. See Wakeskating's Finest Throw Down at the Second Half of the 2009 Toe Jam Series:** First off, check out our videos of the first and second Toe Jam stops if you don't know what it's about. Then plan to check out wakeboarding at its most progressive with the Rockstar Wake Jam at Correct Craft Corporate near Orlando, Florida, on June 5-6.  With names like Nick Taylor, Brian Grubb, Brandon Thomas and Reed Hansen, this is bound to be a competition for the ages.  Then, on July 24-25, plan to be in Orlando again for the Rockstar Cable Jam at the Orlando Watersports Complex for the final stop of the 2009 Byerly Toe Jam.  Trust us, Reed Hansen slamming down a backside bigger flip or 360 flip ten feet in front of you will be worth the price of admission.    Check out byerlytoejam.com for all the important info.