Would You Rather w/ Guenther Oka

Would You Rather...?WBM

Have a pro model board or your own private park (like Area 52)?
Ooh... I'll take Pro Model for 500 .

Get a toilet-paper sponsor that pays you $100k a year, or ride for a boat company for free?
Toilet paper sponsor, no brainer.

Guenther sending itWBM

Be able to time travel (without changing history) or be able to fly?

Compete in X-Games Real Snowboard or Real Snow Ski?
X-Games Real Ski

snow skiing
Guenther two-plankin' on snowWBM

Barefoot in a speedo or wakesurf in a drysuit?
Wakesurf, considering my barefoot skills are not top notch.

Live in Orlando, but never get to ride on snow again, or live in Lake Tahoe but never get to win a wakeboard event again?
Lake Tahoe

barefoot skiing
Feet on fiyaWBM

Win Masters water ski 3-event overall title three years in row or win Masters wakeboarding once and never win a wakeboard contest again?
I'd be content with one wakeboard ring.

Be a Michael Jackson impersonator for a year or have to listen to country music forever?
MJ impersonator all day.

michael jackson
MJ... or Guenther?WBM

Go bald or get a wakeboarding tattoo?
Go bald.

Win Video Part of the Year or Trick of the Year at Wake Awards?
Hardest one yet, but I'll go with Video Part of the Year.

wakeboarding athlete
Looking good there, GuentherWBM