How to Perform a Shuvit With Matt Manzari

“Miracle Matt” Manzari delivers expert instruction for performing a pop shuv while riding behind his Centurion Ri230.

Video by Sean Kilgus/BFY Action Films

In this video, Matt “Miracle Matt” Manzari, provides instructions for learning to perform a pop shuvit. Also known by various iterations such as shove-it, shove, or simply shuv, this trick is fun to do and is the act of spinning the board underneath you and then re-landing. And, you can learn to do it using the tips provided in this video by Manzari. What foot is key? What part of the wave should you start on when learning the pop-shuv? Check out the video, in which Manzari rides behind his own Centurion Ri230 then head out on the water!