How to Set Up Your Boat for Wakeboarding, Foiling and Wakesurfing With Dylan Miller

Dylan Miller, a pro athlete for 12 years, shares his wake boat setup knowledge from aboard his own Heyday Wake Boats H22.

In this video, Heyday Wake Boats pro rider, Dylan Miller shares his knowledge, experience and expertise in setting up his very own Heyday H22 for wakeboarding, foiling and wakesurfing. A pro athlete for 12 years, Miller lets you in on his settings for ballast, wake-shape, speed and more, using his Simrad MFD screen at the helm. Miller talks you through set up issues, and then rides to show you what the results of that set up might look like.

How does Miller use the wake plate? What speed does he like for foiling? Get the intel on these aspects of boat set up…and more! Watch the video.

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