Would You Rather w/ Alex Aulbach

November 14, 2017

Whether it’s mega ramps, winch spots or park features, Alex Aulbach shreds it and puts his own twist on rail riding. He travels the world, riding in places that most riders can only dream of. Make sure to watch out for this guy in the future to see what he’s got in store.

Alex Aulbach Rodrigo Donoso


Take a wake trip with a crew through Europe or Asia?
Alex: Europe, for sure! I just love the European culture, the small towns and the food, plus it’s way easier to travel in Europe than in Asia. Everyone who has experienced traveling in Asia knows what I am talking about.

Compete or free ride and shoot?
Alex: Free ride and shoot! I prefer riding with people than riding against them!


Shred pristine park-built features or janky backyard setups?
Alex: Janky backyard setups are pretty thrilling! Even simple tricks can be damn hard and sketchy!

Hit mega ramps or traditional wake park kickers?
Alex: Mega Ramps!!! You can hit them all day without getting sore knees. I don’t get why wakeboarders are still hitting kickers without landing ramps… Do you think snowboarders or FMX riders would hit a kicker without a landing ramp? I don’t think so.

Be a professional snowboarder or skateboarder, if you couldn’t be a professional wakeboarder?
Alex: I can imagine being a snowboard pro way better than being a skater. I just can’t get it in my head how they’re doing some tricks. It’s insane. I choose pro skater!


Be able to travel with all your friends in a private jet, anywhere for free or be able to teleport, just yourself and your luggage instantly?
Alex: I think teleporting. I’ve lost too many bags this year and I don’t know how it is on private jets. I just don’t want to lose any more bags… Sorry friends.

Winch new spots or ride new parks with new features?
Alex: Winch new spots. It’s just so different. More work but more rewarding.

Chase the endless summer around the world or be able to have an off season to yourself?
Alex: If I do the same over and over again I get bored and lose motivation. I need my days off to charge my batteries and keep the fire burning, you know? So yeah, I definitely need an off season! Shouldn’t be too long though. I freak out after a month without riding!


Do more double flips or spin to win?
Alex: Double flips! Spin to win looks boring and it just doesn’t impress me. Who cares if you can spin like a hurricane?

Get a cover or become Rail Rider of the Year?
Alex: Puh, this one is tough… but I think Rail Rider of the Year. It takes more to stand out through the whole season than getting one good shot which makes it on a cover.


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