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Wakesurf Boats

Wakesurf Boards

  • The Powerfish+ features Ronix’s popular fish design, one that was built for drive and speed but can still easily cut loose from the lip.
  • The Rocket has plenty of drive, explosive response, and a distinct riding style that feels more like a traditional surfboard.
  • The 2017 Wake Awards “Best Wakeskater” Reed Hansen’s pro model features a skate-inspired skimboard shape with lighter and thinner construction.
  • The Butter Bar XR’s flat rocker line makes the board extremely quick and gives first-time surfers a better chance at finding that sweet spot.
  • Featuring a traditional skim-style shape but with extra width in the tail, the Microwave generates speed with ease.
  • The FX1’s stepped tail and concave base add quickness and improved maneuverability.

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