How to Choose a Wakesurf Board


Picking your next wakesurf board

Whether you're a beginner, an expert or anything in between...Bryan Soderlind

Picking a wakesurf board that's right for you is simple. Wakesurfing remains the fastest-growing segment in all of watersports, which means there are more options than ever when it comes to wakesurf boards. With all these different styles and shapes, you might be wondering where to even start when choosing your first or next surfer. The first step is determining what kind of surfing you like most. Do you prefer to sit deep in the pocket and carve and slash the wave, or are you more concerned with ollies, shuv-its and tricks off the lip? Another factor in choosing a board is your height and weight, along with what size wave you plan to ride regularly. Lastly, will only you use this board, or will it be shared with your friends and family when you’re all out in the boat? When heading out to purchase a new surfer, use the above criteria along with these few technical points to guide you.

Buying a wakesurfer

Types of wakesurfers

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Surf Style Wakesurfer
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Skim Style Wakesurfer
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Wakesurf Board

Wakesurfer Terminology

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