Gas Dingo

Tired of hauling gas cans up and down stairs, into vehicles or down hard to get to places? Now you can easily pull right up to your dock, garage, or hanger with any vehicle that has a 2" ball hitch. With custom hose lengths up to 175' there is no place your can't get your fuel too. The Gas Dingo is a 100 gallon recreational refueling system that will save you time and backache. Don't worry about over filling or spilling a drop, the 15 gallon per minute Fill-Rite pump has a auto-shut off. The Gas Dingo can handle most terrains and roads with its fully DOT approved sturdy aluminum construction fitted with trailer lights. To add to the convenience that the Gas Dingo will bring to you, you can get a remote-controlled hose reel to help speed up the refueling process. It's about time for you to say goodbye to the gas can forever.

Gas DingoGas Dingo
Gas Dingo sideview.Gas Dingo


  • 100 gallon fuel DOT approved fuel tank
  • Custom hose length up to 175'
  • Fully powered auto-rewind Reel-Craft reel

Manufacturer: Gas Solutions LLC.
MSRP: $5,495
Website: Gas Dingo