The Ultimate Wakeboarding Father’s Day Gift Guide

If you need gift ideas for the wake dad in your life, we’ve got you covered

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and you know what that means - it’s time to think of a good gift for Dad. Fortunately, we’re here to help. And if you’re a dad, then you know what to do: copy/paste/send e-mail

Whether your dad is on the simple side and just needs a T-shirt or some new boardshorts, or you want to really go big with a full audio upgrade for his boat, we’ve got what you need in this comprehensive list, thanks in part to our friends over at Boating Magazine. If you want to see the full Father’s Day Gift Guide from Boating, click here.

In the meantime, scroll on and see what we’ve found that could make the dad in your life extra happy on this Father’s Day.

Radar Rambler Hybrid Shorts

A good pair of shorts is essential for being on the boat, but why stop there? Keep the Rambler shorts from Radar on all day thanks to quick-drying materials with an ultra soft feel. Your dad can go from watersports fun to cruising the marina restaurants in style without having to change. Work smarter, not harder, right? $59.99; radarskis.comCourtesy Radar

Ronix Forester CGA Vest

Are you tired of looking at your dad's belly as it pops out from underneath his life jacket, like he's wearing a halter-top shirt straight out of 1999? Do him a favor and get him the Forester life vest from Ronix. Not only is it U.S. Coast Guard approved, but it is cut to fit longer in the torso while still providing tons of flexibility and range of motion for all the crazy watersports Dad likes to get into. Really, it's a win-win. Dad looks good (and floats), and you don't have to avert your eyes from his gut. $179.99; ronixwake.comCourtesy Ronix

Ronix Koal Classic Longboard

Let dad get back to his soul-surfing roots (or help him discover them in the first place) with this easy-riding, timeless shape from Ronix. This is the thickest, most buoyant board in the Ronix line, which means Dad's gonna love arcing some big turns or getting his toes on the nose while he rides endless waves behind the boat. Available in 4'10" or 5'4". $649.99; ronixwake.comCourtesy Ronix

O’Brien Pike Wakesurf Board

Maybe Dad isn't a pro wakesurfer, or he doesn't want to invest in a board that can easily get dings (or even worse, ding the boat). That's where the Pike's soft-top foam deck comes in handy. Wrapped around an ultralight stringer core and fiberglass deck, the soft-top adds both comfort and durability, while still being a great shape with lots of response thanks to its thruster fin setup. Available in 58". $219.99; obrien.comCourtesy O'Brien

O’Brien The Fix

The Fix is O'Brien's first foray into plus-sized (150cm and bigger) wakeboards that have become popular the last few years. Featuring an all wood core and O'Brien's impact base, The Fix offers a lively, flexible ride that is ideally situated for park riding, but don't let that stop Dad from taking it out behind the boat. The Fix is just as comfortable jumping wakes as it is sliding across rails. $529.99; obrien.comCourtesy O'Brien

Connelly SUP Drive Fin System

Want to help Dad get where he's going on his SUP board a bit faster? Or maybe he just doesn't like paddling into the wind? Check out Connelly's electric SUP Drive Fin System. This battery operated 240W motor can attach to any U.S. type of fin box. Bungee straps secure the waterproof battery case to the board, and a wireless wristband remote controls the three forward speeds and single reverse. Dad can cruise for 2-4 hours depending on conditions, just be sure to check your local public waterway regulations about operating a motor. $699; connellyskis.comCourtesy Connelly

Slingshot Hover Glide Wake Foil

If your dad likes trying new things out on the water, then the must-have gift for this summer is the Hover Glide Wake Foil from Slingshot. Simply put, there is nothing like the feeling of riding a foil-mounted board through the water. Some say it's like riding fresh powder on a snowboard, and we have to agree. Not only is it a ton of fun, but you can do it almost anywhere and behind any kind of vessel. You don't need a large wake or glassy, calm water. $1,776; slingshotsports.comCourtesy Slingshot

Liquid Force Avant Wakesurf board

With a unique sidecut shape, the Avant is unlike any other wakesurf board on the market, and that's a good thing for your dad (and everybody else on the boat). The Avant has a loose feel, thanks to that sidecut, but doesn't lose any responsiveness, while the hatchet-style twin fin setup maximizes thrust. The wider nose and tail allow the board to be ridden a bit shorter. Available in 4'6" and 4'10". $599.99; liquidforce.comCourtesy Liquid Force

Liquid Force Eco Suit Neoprene Top

If your dad is the kind that prefers to be warm as opposed to cold when he's out on the water (and honestly, which dad doesn't?), check out the Eco Suit neo top from Liquid Force. This 2mm long-sleeve heater is made from limestone that is 98% water impermeable, which not only makes it warmer, but it's also lighter than traditional neoprene and Earth friendly. $89.99; liquidforce.comCourtesy Liquid Force

Roswell R1 In-Boat Package w/ RGB Controller

Give Dad the ultimate gift of audio bliss on his boat with this package from Roswell. Featuring two pairs of the new 6.5" R1 speakers, the kit has everything needed to get a boat sounding better than ever, including an amp and RCA cables. Plus, it comes with an RGB controller and remote so Dad can play with the awesome lighting effects the R1 speakers are capable of. Available in black or white styles. $1,149; roswellmarine.comCourtesy Roswell Marine

Roswell Triton Strapless Board Rack

The Triton strapless board rack takes board racks to the next level. Thanks to adjustable, telescopic arms, the Triton makes getting boards in and out a breeze. The vertical mounting orientation reduces board chatter when driving at cruising speeds, and the inserts are padded with SeaDek to protect whatever boards are on the boat. The Triton is available in anodized or brushed aluminum, but Dad will be extra happy to know that custom colors can be added to really make your boat stand out. $1,599 - $2,177/ea; roswellmarine.comCourtesy Roswell Marine

Tidal LED Drain Plug Light

Help the dad in your life add some underwater LED flare to his boat without the crazy prices of a custom installation. Tidal's drain plug lights not only look great, but they're easy to install. Feed the wire through the drain plug hole and either plug it into a 12-volt outlet, or hardwire it to the boat's system. The light detaches for draining and safekeeping when trailering. Available in white, blue, green, and red colors. $89.97 (12-volt), $69.97 (hard-wire); tidalwake.comCourtesy Tidal Wake

Kicker Bullfrog BF400 Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen these days, but a lot are either lacking in overall quality and volume, don't have much battery life, or can't handle the elements. If your dad likes his audio outdoors, the Bullfrog BF400 from Kicker could be the perfect gift. First off, this thing packs a punch, and you know it when you pick it up because it has some weight to it. Turn it on and link an audio device and you'll instantly hear full, well-rounded audio from the two 3-inch drivers. With a 100-foot range, 20-hour battery life, USB port for charging your phone, FM tuner, and an IP66 rating for life outside, the BF400 has all the features Dad needs. If you really want to crank things up, two BF400 units can be paired together. $329.95; kicker.comCourtesy Kicker

OtterBox Trooper LT 30 Cooler

Did you think OtterBox was just a cell-phone case company? Think again. Start with this Trooper LT30 cooler. Not only is this 30-quart cooler ultra portable thanks to an integrated backpack strap system, but the unique closure and clam-shell top makes accessing the interior a breeze. It's also leakproof with water-resistant exterior pockets for keeping Dad's phone and wallet safe. Two clever clip areas on the front allow him to attach a variety of OtterBox accessories, like the included bottle opener or a drybox (pictured, not included). $299.99; otterbox.comCourtesy OtterBox

Jetty Longsleeve Solar Shirt

With the classic outboard graphic on this longsleeve, UPF 50 shirt from Jetty, Dad can have the best of both worlds: nostalgic style and modern sun protection. Thanks to moisture-wicking material, Jetty's sun protection shirt is lightweight and comfortable, while keeping harmful rays off your dad's skin. $43.95; jettylife.comCourtesy Jetty

Fuse Replacement Lenses

If your dad has a favorite pair of sunglasses he just can't part with, but the lenses are toast, Fuse offers the perfect remedy (and gift). With tons of frame styles preset, chances are you can hop on the website and find what you need. If not, Fuse will send you a shipping label so you can mail Dad's shades off to have custom lenses cut. Choose from a variety of colors and glass quality, including polarized with a clear guard coating. Starting at $19; fuselenses.comCourtesy Fuse

Mission Boat Gear T-Shirt

Why beat around the bush when you can state the obvious? The dad in your life loves boating, that's why you're reading this gift guide in the first place. So get him a simple t-shirt that will make him smile and tell the world what he's all about: being a Boat Dad! $18; missionboatgear.comCourtesy Mission Boat Gear