Tyler Higham Featured in GoPro's Million Dollar Challenge Video

The PWT Rookie of the Year made the most of a quick trip to the Turks & Caicos

Screen grab of Tyler riding through some crystal clear, shallow water in the Turks & CaicosChris Rogers

The GoPro camera has changed the way we capture and watch wakeboarding. With the launch of the new HERO7 Black, GoPro decided to create a challenge of epic proportions. The Million Dollar Challenge tasked users (pro and amateur alike) to send clips shot on their HERO7 Black cameras. Winning clips selected for the final video would split the $1 million prize. When it was all said and done 56 winners were chosen out of over 25,000 clips submitted, and one selection featured the riding/filming combo of Tyler Higham and acclaimed GoPro shooter Chris Rogers.

Screen grab of Tyler's mute 720, which was paired with a snow skier also doing a 720 in the final video.Chris Rogers

On being selected as a winner and having wakeboarding featured in the giant project, Tyler had this to say: “Chris and I headed to the Turks and Caicos last month and met up with the Wake to Wake TC crew. We spent a few days riding the insanely clear water of the Bahamas working on getting cool shots with the GoPro HERO7 Black cameras. GoPro wasn't looking for the most insane or jaw-dropping stuff - the whole video is a cool mix of everything. There are some crazy stunts, and then cool, everyday life shots like a kid at the beach having fun. We got some shots of me riding: one mute heel 7 and one just cruising behind a jet ski in the clear water that ended up making the cut. The Wake to Wake TC crew was also featured with some shots of the famous shipwreck near their spot and a kiteboarder cruising past their boat and grabbing a GoPro out of Chris' hands while it was filming. I’m really stoked that a few clips from that trip made it into the final video and that wakeboarding got to be part of something as big as the Million Dollar Challenge!”

Check out the full GoPro Million Dollar Challenge video, above.