TURNCABLE’s New UNIT Parktech Fleet

wakeboarding cable park
TURNCABLE’s new UNIT Parktech fleet has been launched!UNIT

The legendary park TURNCABLE in the South of Germany has just received 9 new features to start their 2016 season off.

The new fleet starts off with the newly released UNIT Parktech Signature feature Nico TWO and the Tech Series Butter Rail. Both surging with popularity with every rider loving these progressive features. Next, straight out of street influence, the UP Hand Rail, C-Rail, and Street Series Down to Flat Rail offer a satisfying amount of contact between you and your board.

Last but not least, the Transition Curb, Pole Jam, and two Ollie-Barriers add jib influence and additional fun to this already killer park. A very good mix of the old and the new, Turncable is stapling it’s reputation of being one of the best parks for years to come.

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