That's My Boat w/ Tony Carroll

wakeboarding boat
Tony has eyes for his new A24, and quite frankly, we don't blame him.
Jason Lee

I love my A24, and I’ve worked hard to get it — 14 years, to be exact. In my opinion, there is not another boat on the market I would want. It has ­plenty of space, looks phenomenal, and has more than enough accessories and a wake that can compete with any other. The A24 has the bare necessities for anyone looking to have a great time on the water.

The A24 will hold up to 17 people. I love this ­because I like riding with as many friends as possible. It’s a lot more fun when you have a crowd and you're all pushing each other to try new things and have fun. In a normal week, we have anywhere from 16- to 40-year-old riders out. That’s what this sport is all about — having fun.

The boat is beautiful — the lines when it’s on the water are unlike any other boat on the market. I’m a big fan of the minimalist windshield design. With all sorts of skill levels in the boat, it makes giving trick tips much easier than standing up to talk over the glass. The deep seats make the interior feel extremely spacious and keep the ­tower speakers away from heads.

When it comes to options, the A24 is no slouch. I’ve got an awesome light bar for night surfing. There are also docking lights that make navigating the canal I live on much easier at night. My favorite part of the boat is probably the new helm for 2017. It has made operating the boat even easier than before. With Surf Gate, the wedge and Surf Band, I could brag about this boat all day.

axis a24 boat
Tony behind his Axis A24Jason Lee

How I Ride It

Speed: 23.0 mph
Rope length: 75.5 feet
Custom settings: Wedge or not, I keep the same speed and rope. I ride with the Wedge down for tech tricks. The steeper wake allows for more line tension. For big, floaty tricks I'll leave the Wedge up.
Ballast: Internal ballast is always full. In the back I'll add two 800-pound Eight.3 Plug 'n' Play bags in the back, a 500-pound bag in the bow, and then spread 1,500 pounds of Lead Wake bags around the boat.

How I Surf It

Speed: 10.8 mph
Custom settings: Nothing crazy, just let Surf Gate do its thing. With the wedge up, the wave is long and mellow. With the wedge down, it has more push, with a little curl at the top.
Ballast: With the A24, I use the same weight setup as I do when I wakeboard and let Surf Gate work its magic.

How I Hang Out

Living on Clear Lake, it’s always fun to meet up with the other riders and friends who call it home. The biggest get-together on the water is usually Shane Bonifay’s birthday, which is always a blast. The A24 makes hanging out easy with its spaciousness, comfort and stereo. Riding or not, we’re always having a good time on the water.

pro wakeboarder
Tony Carroll in his Axis A24Jason Lee
axis a24 boat
Tony's Axis A24Jason Lee
axis a24 boat
Tony's Axis A24Jason Lee