That's My Boat w/ Nic Rapa

Nic Rapa's Supra SA 550Bill Doster

This year is my first year riding for Supra, and I’m so stoked to have my own boat in Orlando. It’s been a ton of fun to be able to ride whenever and with whomever. I can ride as much as I want, and I’ve been able to push my riding really far this year. It’s also nice that the SA is the official tow boat of the Pro Wakeboard Tour. The wake is huge and consistent, which is why the level of competition has been off the charts this year. I know having the SA in my backyard has helped me a ton, including taking my first PWT win at the Colorado Springs stop in July.

One of my favorite features on the SA is the helm. It is really user-friendly without being overwhelming to look at or figure out. With all of Supra’s systems, everything is so customizable that it’s a ton of fun to play around with the wakes and waves and dial them in just how you like. Wakeboarding (and the little bit of wakesurfing I do) is a lot more fun with my SA. Of course, the SA also looks awesome. At 22 feet 8 inches, it’s not too big, but also not too small. The lines on it are gorgeous, and I love the colorway I’ve got.

Nic Rapa's Supra SA 550Bill Doster

How I Ride It:

Speed: 22.7 mph
Rope length: 77'
Custom Settings: Smart Plate @ 25
With my setup, the wake has a lot of size with a really nice transition all the way from the trough to the top. You don't feel like you are cutting forever to try to get to the wake, and that transition helps a ton for soft landings when going wake to wake. The size is more than capable of boosting you way into the flats if you like that though, which I do! And the great thing is that the SA can be dialed back and be a really great wake for beginners too.
Ballast: I fill the stock ballast and have 750-pound plug-and-play bags in the rear. I'll add in some lead and a smaller sack under each side seat to simulate a full boat.

How I Surf It:

Speed: 11.2 mph Custom Settings: Smart Plate @ 35 Ballast: Same as wake.
The wave is super easy to customize and change, so I do that a lot when I'm playing around on a wakesurfer.

How I Hang Out:

The SA has a ton of room for my friends and their gear. I love hanging and socializing on the boat after a set. Floating, laying out and listening to tunes is where it’s at!