Tige RZX Wakesurf Review

A look at the Tige RZX in action and how it performed while wakeboarding

February 17, 2016

Tigé has a new flagship, the Tige RZX, as well as a surf system, and we’re happy to say that this surf-minded company still generates waves just as solid as the ones that built its reputation.

Tigé was doing a great job with listed surfing for years, and their customizable curls are only improved with the new TAPS 3 Surf System. Tigé figured out a long time ago that their ConvexV hull worked best at a list of 7 degrees, and that number hasn’t changed in all the years they’ve been developing surf boats. Instead of adapting the way they made a wave to the current trends, Tigé made the TAPS 3 Surf System slightly list the boat, so it’s almost like you’re getting a listed wave from a surf system. The new surf system means you don’t need to move weight from side to side.

The real story, though, comes when you throw in Tigé’s industry-first Surf LinkTM Remote to control which side the wave is on, as well as its shape while you’re surfing. Tigé executed this system extraordinarily well, so it’s very intuitive to grab the remote before you surf and hit a button to make the wave switch. There’s no syncing or button confusion — it’s just instant fun. You can also hit the up or down buttons to dial in the wave. You’re doing it while you’re riding, so you’re getting instant feedback as it changes.


The wave tends toward a long, clean shape, with more drive than some competitors. It’s also thick, with a pronounced lip and a semi-steep rear pocket that transitions to near-vert at the rooster tail.

Top-Notch Trait: Tigé caters to surfers both inside and out of the boat, and it shows, not only in the wave quality but also the innovative rear surf locker. The compartment is perpendicular to the length of the boat and has padded walls to fit multiple boards, in what is still an unrivaled surf-storage innovation.

Stat: Tigé RZX is providing only one level of ballast upgrade this year, and it’s for a good reason. Although a menu of ballast numbers sounds nice in theory, each Tigé is really only at the optimal surf experience when it’s loaded with enough ballast. With that in mind, the company sorted out what the ideal ballast numbers were and made only that level available for each boat. The RZX weighs in at a hefty 3,000 pounds of ballast.

Length 23’
Beam 102”
Dry Weight 6,000 lb.
Fuel Capacity 65 gal.
Seating Capacity 16
Standard Ballast N/A
Max Factory Ballast 3,000 lb.
Standard Power 6.2L 427 ft-lb.
Maximum Power 6.2L 575 ft-lb.

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