Supra SE 550 Wakesurf Review

February 17, 2016

Narrowly edging out the redesigned SA for wakesurf superiority in the Supra line, the mammoth SE claimed the top swell-making spot. At 24.6 feet with a dry weight that’s half the size of smaller wakeboats, it’s no surprise the SE creates a massive wave.

What’s surprising is how clean and well-developed the wave is, considering not all big boats create a decent wave. Look for a clean, long wave that’s fairly symmetrical from side to side.

The Supra Swell system makes it easy to go from side to side, with wave presets for port and starboard. You can customize your left side to be different than your right if you want, then switch between them while you’re riding. If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box wave, the SE simplifies that with presets in the Vision Touch screen that you just deploy and go. The Wing Plate grew from last year, and it made a big difference in the effect of the wake-shaping on the wave’s pitch.


You’re always going to get a big wave out of the SE, but now you can take it from short and steep to long and mellow, with more effect than years past. At the steep setting, you’re falling down the wave and you’ve got a thigh-high lip; at the mellow setting, you can drop far back away from the boat and comfortably wait to pump in for your next trick.

Another ancillary advantage to buying a Supra is that just about everything is standard, including the Liquid Lead ballast, so you’re not looking at a pricey upgrade to get over 3,000 pounds of ballast — something the SE absolutely needs to properly sink the hull.

Top-Notch Trait: Supra’s Swell system is actually in its second iteration, with tweaks having been made for ease of use, wave generation and aesthetics. The redesigned Supra Swell 2.0 is so good that it was the system of choice to generate swells on one of wakesurfing’s biggest platforms: the Supra Boats Pro Wakesurf Tour.


Stat: The driver’s life is easy with the touch screen, but if you’re looking for an analog alternative, use the steering wheel-mounted controls. While hands-on controls on the wheel are common in the automotive industry, Supra was the first inboard boat company to implement them.

Length 24’6”
Beam 102”
Dry Weight 5,300 lb.
Fuel Capacity 83 gal.
Seating Capacity 18
Standard Ballast 3,200 lb.
Max Ballast 3,200 lb.
Standard Power 6.2L 427 ft-lb.
Maximum Power 6.2L 575 ft-lb.

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