Surf Expo Recap

September 12, 2016

Surf Expo is the biggest event for the towed watersports industry, and every year the weekend is met with anticipation and excitement. It’s like Christmas, except maybe better, and it’s the first time we all get a peak at next year’s best wakeboarding gear and boats. Take a look below at some highlights from this year’s show and get stoked for what’s to come in the 2017 wakeboarding season!

Slingshot wakeboards
Slingshot’s new gummy straps, new for 2017 and as close to indestructible as you can get! WBM
nautique wakeboarding boats
The All-New Nautique GS20 WBM
jetpilot wakeboarding vests
The 2017 JetPilot Lady Luck Vests WBM
Ronix wakeboards
The 2017 Ronix ONE Boot pops when light hits it. WBM
Ronix wakeboards
The 2017 Ronix Boots Lineup WBM
Tige boats
The 2017 Tigé RZX WBM
Jetpilot wakeboarding vests
The 2017 JetPilot Men’s Comp Vests WBM
Supra Boats
The All-New 2017 Supra SR WBM
Jobe wakeboards
The 2017 Jobe EVO Bindings WBM
O'Brien wakeboards
Some of the 2017 O’Brien gear! WBM
Byerly wakeboards
The 2017 Byerly Haze System Boot WBM
Malibu Boats
The dash you can expect on all 2017 Malibu models. WBM
The 2017 CWB Wakeboards lineup. WBM
Moomba Boats
The 2017 Moomba Craz WBM
LF wakeboards
Some of the 2017 Liquid Force boards. WBM
Hyperlite wakeboards
2017 Hyperlite System Bindings WBM

More Gear