Super Air Nautique G25: 80 Feet Back

November 1, 2016
Nautique Boats
Super Air Nautique G25 WBM

I have always been a fan of Nautique’s G-series wakeboats. Infamous for the “Game ­Changer” campaign, the Nautique G23 delivered wakeboarding’s first wake-to-wake 1260 and the only perfect contest score in our sport’s ­history. So when I was asked to take a crack at the larger G25, I jumped at the opportunity. At 25 feet, the G25 is one of the biggest wakeboats on the market. Suited for 19 people and 2,800 pounds of subfloor ballast, it will almost certainly provide a good time.

Aside from riding, one of my favorite things to do on the water is drive for my friends and family. The G25’s new race-car-inspired driver’s seat is in a league of its own, gripping your body for a comfortable, snug fit. Those of us who like to sit up high, making use of the booster seat, will enjoy the extra height Nautique added to the backrest. I really enjoy how high out of the water the boat sits; it feels like an SUV as compared to a normal car.

Thanks to the Nautique Configurable Running Surface, however, the G25 drives like a sports car. NCRS is designed to stair-step the back of the boat up and on plane with ease. I really noticed this feature in tight corners, where NCRS would re-engage for effortless turning, even with the ballast full. With the new LINC touchscreen at the helm, I enjoyed knowing that the driver could adjust any setting on the fly, without losing focus on driving or the rider.


My riding experience behind the G25 was great. With stock ballast and five people in the boat, I was curious to see what kind of wake we could get. The big wake is what we’ve come to expect from the ­entire G series, and on the G25, it was massive. I couldn’t believe what we were getting out of a stock-ballast boat. The deep hull ­design of the G25 allows the ballast to do its job. It also helps keep the boat stable, making for a clean, predictable wake every time you hit it. There’s a long, mellow ramp up the wake and a solid amount of kick at the top as well. The mellow transition ­allowed for both a controlled edge and good body ­position all the way up the wake. The big kick at the top shot me high into the air with a good amount of line tension. That made it easier to complete some of my more technical tricks with time to set up for the landing. With a smooth landing transition on the other side, I was impressed by how soft wake-to-wake landings were.

Overall, my experience with Nautique’s G25 was something I’ll remember. From driving to riding, the functionality of this boat is among the industry’s elite. Grab some friends, get out, and ride.

Nautique Boats
Super Air Nautique G25 WBM


Like the G23, the G25 is perfectly clean and throws near-identical waves on both sides, which is important because it’s so easy to transfer with Surf Select. The G25 has the longest pocket in the line.

Length 25′
Beam 102″
Dry Weight 5,900 lb.
Fuel Capacity 83 gal.
Ballast as Tested 2,850 lb.
Maximum Capacity 16 people
Speed 23.7 mph
Rope Length 78′
User Setting Wake Pro
Crew Driver and three observers
Transition Moderate to Rampy
Volume High
Width Average
Rideability Beginner to expert

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