The Suwannee Dirge Birge Floatchilla

A unique cast of characters sets out for an epic float/winch/SeaDoo mission on Florida’s Suwannee River.

For five days in late October an all time crew floated, winched, towed, celebrated, spelunked, knee’d, foot’d, laughed and bonded all while covering 58 miles of the historic Suwannee River.

An all-time wake mission with a pontoon barge, a winch, and a couple of SeaDoos.Bryan Soderlind

The crew: MP Cunningham, Parks Bonifay, Quinn Silvernale, Constanza Scaglia, Daryl Znebel, Crosse Bearden, and Wesley Mark Jacobsen (and Chopstix for his special appearance). Everyone came ready for an unknown adventure and helped create one of those most memorable trips of a lifetime. Footage featured shot by the whole team.

Vantage advantage.Bryan Soderlind
Captain Quinn.Bryan Soderlind
"Kneeboarding is sick."Bryan Soderlind
Parks Bonifay is nuts.Bryan Soderlind
Costanza Scaglia, just one of the guys shredding like a boss lady.Bryan Soderlind
Way up down upon the Suwannee.Bryan Soderlind
Way down under looking up on the Suwannee.Bryan Soderlind

Video Edit: Mike Marshall

Vessels: Dirge Birge Pontoon, Sea-Doo Wake Pro, Sea-Doo Spark