“Sound of Wake” with Dom Hernler and Red Bull

Dom Hernler's wake creativity takes on Salzburg, Austria.

Dom Hernler and Red Bull's latest project combines wakeboarding, storytelling and classical music in the history town of Salzburg, Austria.Courtesy Red Bull

Dom Hernler and Red Bull have done it again. Check out the latest wakeboarding video production that will not only blow your mind with its creativity, but have you entertained with a little comedy, to boot. Hernler, in typical fashion, rides his way through the city of Salzburg, in his native Austria. Salzburg is famous for being the home of Mozart, but who knew it could also be the home of some of the most epic riding we’ve seen all year?!

And for a behind-the-scenes look at how they put this craziness together, check out the “Making of The Sound of Wake” video here.