Off-Water Drills - Wakeboarding in a Time of Quarantine

Learn new tricks and practice essential wakeboarding skills without getting on the water.

Grab a wakeboard handle and an empty jug to practice handle pass drills.

Quarantine got you jonesing to be on the water? Don't worry, we're all in the same boat these days (but we're not in a boat, and that's what has us bummed out). We encourage you all to stay home and do your part to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic - so hopefully we can get back to doing what we love and being on the water soon.

If you’re like most people around the world and can’t wakeboard right now, you can still find ways to learn new tricks or work on a variety of skills like balance, handle passes, and much more. Here is a LearnWake playlist full of off-water drills you can do from home. If you have any ideas or tips of your own, post them here so we can share them with riders around the world!