Mega Fun on Mini Wakes with John Dreiling

You don't need the biggest wakes in the world to have fun on your wakeboard.

John Dreiling is best known for his wake-park riding prowess (and no holds barred approach), but he has a background in boat riding. This spring, with cable parks getting shut down for a period due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dreiling started getting out on the boat more. With his Slingshot Volt 152 park board underfoot (and finless), he realized boat wakes don’t need to be viewed strictly as giant ramps for big air and double flips. Like a wake park, wakes can be approached at, jibbed on, and utilized in a variety of ways. The idea for “Mini Wake Sessions” was born.

John Dreiling launching
John Dreiling turns boat-riding on its head with some creativity and a fresh perspective. Dave AV, Tim McGee, Ian Smith

In this totally unique wakeboarding video, you’ll see Dreiling ride everything from a classic Nautique Super Sport to a brand new Supra SA to Dano-the-Mano’s 1996 Ski Brendella water ski boat. More than anything, it goes to show that you don’t need big air and the most technical tricks to have fun or to do tricks that look really cool. With a larger sized board built for cable riding, Dreiling shows off how insane some butter slides, snake bites, hand plants and even fast-plants can look when riding behind a boat (make, model, type or age be damned).

If this doesn’t make you want to get out and do something new and different, you need to check your pulse.


Videography: Dave AV, Tim McGee, Ian Smith

Editing: John Dreiling


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