“How We Doin’” - Full Wakeskate Video

What happens when six wakeskaters take over Valdosta Wake Compound.

What do you get when you give a group of wakeskaters and video-makers full access to a DIY playground of progression like Valdosta Wake Compound? Well, this. “How We Doin'” features next level wakeskating from Bammer Rehn, Cole Kraiss, Trey Seneff, Andrew Pastura, Keaton Bowlby and Maxime Giry and it’s shot and edited beautifully. This is modern wakeskating at its finest, and it’s sure to get you stoked.

Shot by: Keaton Bowlby / Mitch Cobb / Board Meetings

Edited by: Keaton Bowlby

Produced by: Ascending Works / For the Gator / WeSubsist