2020 Wake Awards - Indmar Trick of the Year Reels!

All the best tricks of the year, all in one place!

Another insane year of wakeboarding is in the books, which means an even more insane Wake Awards. The Indmar Trick of the Year reels are some of the best ever, and we’re stoked to present them all right here. Of course, you can also go watch the full Wake Awards show here!

Indmar Men’s Trick of the Year

Get ready for some hammer drops! This is one of the most creative and diverse Indmar Trick of the Year Reels we’ve ever seen, and it’s sure to get you stoked and keep you entertained for those cold winter months (if you’re north of the equator). Huge shoutout to Tyler Higham for throwing down the first ever 7-2-5 behind the boat (and stomping it huge off a double up) to take the TOTY crown!

Indmar Women’s Trick of the Year

The ladies of wakeboarding once again threw down and blew minds. Check out the Indmar Trick of the Year Reel and see just how awesome they got in 2020. Big ups to Lisa Baloo for putting it all on the line multiple times and winning her first Trick of the Year!

Indmar Wakeskate Trick of the Year

Wakeskating never ceases to blow minds, and once again the highlight reel for the Indmar Wakeskate Trick of the Year delivers. Check them out, and congrats to this year’s winner, Maxime Giry with his insane kickflip noseslide!