2019 Wake Awards - Wakeskate Trick of the Year

The best wakeskate tricks of the year, compiled for your viewing pleasure

Wakeskating progression is always some of the most mind blowing, and for 2019 the Wake Awards Wakeskate Trick of the Year reel is one of the craziest yet. This video contains all the craziest tricks of the year, and it is beyond impressive.

We owe a special shoutout and apology to Matti Buys and Maxime Giry. In the craziness of Hurricane Dorian rolling toward Florida, tricks still being submitted, and ultimately Surf Expo and Wake Awards being cancelled, we lost track of their submissions. Both of these should have been featured in the Wakeskate Trick of the Year reel that was featured in the full Wake Awards show. We’ve re-edited the reel to add them in here so they can get some of the recognition they deserve.