Q&A With Spanish Wakeskate Phenom Telma Cester

We caught up with 16-year-old wakeskate wonder-girl Telma Cester. The powerhouse from Barcelona has won the IWWF World Title and she’s ranked second in the world.

August 18, 2021
Telma Cester on the quarter pipe
Telma Cester has won multiple titles. Courtesy @juanto_ruiz / @unleashedwakemag

How did you get into wakeskating? How old were you?

I began to wakeboard & wakeskate with my family in a boat on a lake when I was 6 years old. Afterwards I started to practice at OCP in the Olímpic Canal of Castelldefels.

Telma Cester popping airs on a wakeskate board
Telma started wakeboarding and wakeskating when she was 6. Courtesy Telma Cester (left), Courtesy @arkosports (right)

What are your favorite cable parks?

OCP in Barcelona is one of my favorites cables park in the world. Close to me there is another amazing park, Delting Wake Park in Tarragona, it is perfect to wakesKate and there is a pull gap. Other cable parks close to me are Rancho Wakepark and Simple Wakepark (one hour from home) and now T-Toms. I have visited some countries and some cable parks and I really like to wakesKate at La Poule wakepark, Izon wakepark and TSCasrcassone (France) and in USA Valdosta compound (Georgia) and soon I will go to visit the Bricks in Germany.

Telma Cester hitting rails in the park
Telma has ridden cable parks in multiple countries. Courtesy Telma Cester

In what countries have you practiced wakeskate and what do you think about them?

I have visited 13 or 14 countries and I have amazing memories from every place that I have been to. First, I traveled to Israel, I love this team, Milan people, Egypt love this place, Mexico is where I won my first world championship, I love Argentina’s people too! Every place was lovely and brought me new experiences.

Telma Cester on the podium
Telma Cester, at 13 years old, won the wakeskating IWWF European Championships in 2018. Courtesy Telma Cester

What are your best contest results?

I have won some medals and probably the best results were the two World Championships U19 in Mexico and last year in Argentina. I also won medals in Italy, one gold medal in U19 and one in Open Category.

Telma out wakeskating
Telma enjoys hitting the “skatepark on the water.” Courtesy @jimimcg

What big differences are there between wakeskate and wakeboard?

The biggest difference are the boots. In wakeskate your feet are free. It’s more similar to skateboarding. The tricks, the inspiration and the motivation, it is like there’s a skatepark on the water.

Telma Cester playing basketball
Outside of wakeskating, Telma plays a lot of sports. Courtesy Telma Cester

Are you working on specific tricks right now? Which tricks are your favorites?

I’m working on doing the kick flip better and some tricks of the same family. Kick flip body variations and soon backside kick flip. Probably this will be my favorite trick. I will tell you soon, I hope!


Do you like any other sports and who are your favorite Spanish athletes?

I love to play basketball; I play in a team. I like to play tennis, football, surfing and skate. In my country there are some amazing athletes like Rafa Nadal, Pau Gasol and Mireia Belmonte.

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Who are your sponsors and coaches?

I want to say thanks to all my family and all the people who support me, like the Federations, La liga 4Sports, Liquid Force , ION, Munich, OCP, Vivida,DWS Cableparks, Arkosports (Nuno), Iñaki y Onoff Wellness, (Ivan).



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