Zuzana Vrablova’s Exclusive Interview

Zuzana Vrablova is a world champion who stays busy on and off the water.
Zuzana Vrablova wakeskating in the park
Zuzana Vrablova transitioned from waterskiing to become a world champion wakeskater. Courtesy Zuzana Vrablova

By Argentinean Wake Park Rider Flor Medrano

At what age and when did you start wakeskating?

I started wakeskating I believe around 17 but I’m actually coming from waterskiing. The first time when I stood on waterskis was when I was 6 years old, and at eight, I joined the Waterski Club in my hometown Piestany. So I was waterskiing which is jump (for distance), trick skiing and slalom and then later on I added snowboarding-snowboardcross. So, I was I exchanging summer waterski season with winter snowboard season.

Zuzana Vrablova wakeskating the falls
From the beach to the falls, Zuzana is at home on the water. Courtesy @andrewpastura (left), Zuzana Vrablova (right)

Did you ever try wakeboarding?

Around the age of 14 or 15 I tried wakeboarding but it really didn’t catch my attention just because there weren’t too many riders, no rails at all, I didn’t know what to do so I just kept on waterskiing ha-ha. But what happened later was that I suffered a knee injury in a snowboard competition. I had to undergo ACL surgery. After that I was really worried to do jump skiing in waterskiing.

Zuzana Vrablova on her wakeskate board
The transition from skiing to wakeskating was rather seamless for Zuzana. Courtesy @danieldeakbardos (left), @matuszetak.j (right)

Why wakeskate?

After my injury I used to go to the cable park and hang out with my friends and I tried wakeskating because there was already someone wakeskating I guess I was having too much fun! I was trying a few tricks and it was going pretty well to me, I am sure the waterskiing gave me some good skills so it was easier for me to learn. And I just I started really enjoying it. I was searching for more riders to ride with and I just tried to learn more tricks so somehow, I naturally came from waterskiing into wakeskating around the age of 17.

Zuzana Vrablova launching off a ramp
Competitions gave Zuzana an opportunity to ride with other wakeskaters. Courtesy Zuzana Vrablova (left), @kata_sedlak (right)

When did you start competing professionally?

I guess I started doing the competitions kind of quick after I started wakeskating. Not that I really that I wanted to do the contests so much, but it was a really nice opportunity to ride with some other girls and just more riders.

Zuzana Vrablova doing kickflips
Zuzana became a world champion in 2010. Courtesy Zuzana Vrablova (left), Red Bull (right)

Which was your first international title?

My first big title was winning the WWA World Championships at the Hip-notics Park in Turkey in 2010.

Zuzana Vrablova on multiple podiums over the years
Zuzana Vrablova has been on multiple world championship podiums. Courtesy Zuzana Vrablova (left & right), @branosorok (middle)

You are three times world champion, am I correct?

I won two times the WWA World Championships. The one in Turkey that I just mentioned and later one in Abu Dhabi and I have won four times the IWWF World Championships.

Zuzana Vrablova catching air in the park
Zuzana is always out catching good shots. Courtesy Zuzana Vrablova

How does it feel to be a female top rider?

I mean I never really think about it like you are asking me, but it’s a nice feeling to achieve some results (for example a good edit after you put your biggest effort into it, or landing a good run in the contest after you try your best to progress, capture some good shots, and get some appreciation for it too. I believe because of that I have some brands supporting me. And I try to take advantage of it. Not only for myself but I try to give forward in the community. I’ve organized Wakeskate Session for 5 years now and some other events.

Zuzana Vrablova off the ramp
Practice makes perfect. Courtesy Zuzana Vrablova

What is your favorite trick?

I really enjoy doing Backside Backspin. I would say that is my favorite trick. Especially on the gap!

Zuzana Vrablova practicing tricks at the cable park
Putting in the work to expand her bag of tricks. Courtesy @jeffshotthat

Which one was the hardest to learn and which is the one you are practicing nowadays?

I was really worried to ollie front board. I feel like I was always doing more flat tricks than the rails maybe in the beginning for sure. But the hardest, I guess the kickflip was taking me the longest, and I am still trying to get it clean so that is what I am doing nowadays other than shooting a project.

Zuzana and Telma riding together
Telma Cester riding with Zuzana. Courtesy Zuzana Vrablova

Do you have a routine before you get into the water?

I always stretch and warm up. First, I do warm up for like 5-10 minutes like some jogging, jumping or something to warm up my body and then I do dynamic stretching before every riding. Sometimes I use balance board or I skate before wakeskating as well.

Zuzana having fun on the water
Zuzana gains inspiration from many different riders. Courtesy Zuzana Vrablova

Which riders inspire you most?

I am always inspired by anyone who I am riding with or whose edit I am looking at. Or seeing some sick photos. In the beginning I was always watching Aquafrolics edit so the first wakeskaters I was looking at were Andrew Pastura, Nick Taylor and Ben Horan. Now I really enjoy to watch Cole Kraiss, Maxime Giry and many others too. But really, I can get inspired by everyone who I am riding with or watching.


You travel around the world and you are a legendary wakeskater, which parks do you prefer most?

I really, really like to travel to CWC in the Philippines that is like the place I have been most often, I think they provide really good conditions in many ways like there is a pool gap, there is a big wake park with many rails, they have accommodation there and food. Everything is at one spot and you can just ride so much in good conditions that is amazing. And I’m always excited to see all of my friends there! Not only foreign but locals too! People are so nice and chill there.

Zuzana Vrablova riding the dunes
Amazing scenery plus amazing rides. Courtesy Red Bull

I also like to go to the States where I think like the core of wakeskating is coming from. There is always someone to ride with. Either some good Sea-Doo session or 2.0 or cable park – Valdosta Wake Compound is my favorite there! But having opportunities to ride at Nick’s, Ben’s, Andrew’s or Reed’s pool gaps are just amazing experiences. Last mention, but probably the best place to go nowadays for wakeskating is Trey’s Black Water Junction. Can’t wait!

Zuzana Vrablova hitting the rail
Zuzana stays busy in and out of the park. Courtesy Zuzana Vrablova (left), Red Bull (right)

Tell us what’s a day in Zuzana’s life?

A day in my life? Ha-ha that is really hard to answer this question. It is never really the same. It all depends of where I am and what time of the year it is. If it is summer, I try to wake up super early for a good Sea Doo glassy morning session, that is my favorite! Or join some friends at the cable park. Other than wakeskating I always have some computer work. I organize events, work on projects and try to keep up with everything I should. And I love dogs! I spend a lot of time with my dog, or I go to to dog shelters to take dogs for a walk in my free time. I’m also a big fan of live music festivals.

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Zuzana Vrablova also loves dogs
Zuzana enjoys giving back, including at dog shelters. Courtesy Zuzana Vrablova (left), @matejfabianek – @redbull (middle & right)

What would you say to those girls that start wakeskating?

Don’t worry and have fun. I think it is always good to look for some good conditions and try to ride with other motivated riders and just all have fun together.