What’s in Zuzana Vrablova’s Bag?

Learn more about the favorite gear and accessories of this six-time wakeskate champion.

Slovakia’s Six Time World Wakeskate Champion Zuzana Vrablova has dominated the wakeskating arena for the past decade. Find out about her choice of gear and her favorite accessories in and out of the water.

Zuzana Vrablova with her board, shoes and tow rope
Vrablova, with the gear that helps the champion be herself! Courtesy Zuzana Vrablova


So in first place I have my Water Monsters 39.5 Wakeskate. I am a big fan of this shape and I also think this size fits me well.

Fun fact, I took a photo of Andrew’s feet in the graphic of the board.

Vrablova's Water Monsters wakeskate
Here is Vrablova’s Water Monsters wakeskate. Courtesy Zuzana Vrablova


I’ve always been using all kinds of Nike SB shoes but I guess my most favorite are Janoski. First I wear them for a little while and then I switch them for Wakeskating.

Vrablova's Nike SBs
Vrablova likes to break in Nike SBs, then use them for wakeskating. Courtesy Zuzana Vrablova


When I ride at the cable park, I always use a helmet for safety reasons. My favorite is actually a Sandbox helmet with Red Bull branding on it.

Vrablova's Sandbox helmet
Vrablova wears a Sandbox helmet. Courtesy Zuzana Vrablova


All the Follow lifejackets are so good! And if you know me, you know I also like the neoprene pants from Follow.

Zuzana Vrablova on the lake
Slovakia’s Six-Time World Wakeskate Champion, Zuzana Vrablova. In addition to wearing Follow lifejackets, she wears Follow neoprene pants. Courtesy Zuzana Vrablova

For Hydration

One perk of being a Red Bull Team rider is the unlimited energy drinks that I am provided. I normally drink one for some proper energy before riding.

I also bring my Wakeskate Session water jug to stay hydrated.

Zuzana Vrablova's hydration set up
Vrablova is a Red Bull Team rider. She drinks Red Bull energy drinks and carries water in a Wakeskate Session water jug. Courtesy Zuzana Vrablova

Sports Bra

I love my Roxy Sports Bras. They are super comfy, good for wakeskating and also pretty to hang around.

Vrablova wears Roxy sports bras
Vrablova recommends Roxy sports bras. Courtesy Roxy

Rope and Handle

When I’m not riding at the cable park or getting towed with a winch, I use the ropes and handles from Follow for all my wakeskating sessions behind the Sea-Doo.

Vrablova uses Follow handles and ropes
Vrablova uses Follow handles and ropes behind the Sea-Doo. Courtesy Zuzana Vrablova

Personal Water Craft

No, it doesn’t fit in her bag…but Vrablova’s preferred tow is a Sea-Doo Wake Pro. It features 230 smile-inducing horsepower with addictive acceleration from the Rotax 1630. Impressive torque and great fuel economy.

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I always bring my Go Pro Max waterproof camera to film my sessions and create new video edits.


Outside of the water I love using all of Dr. Bronner’s organic aromatherapy products. They are environmentally safe, smell amazingly and aren’t tested on animals.