What’s In Anna Nikstad’s Bag?

Learn about the gear this pro rider uses.
Anna Nikstad won the Wake Awards Female Rider of the Year
Anna Nikstad: 2020 Reader’s Poll favorite rider and Wake Awards Female Rider of the Year. Courtesy Anna Nikstad

Take a peek at the equipment used by the 2020 Reader’s Poll favorite rider and Wake Awards Female Rider of the Year, Anna Nikstad.

The Nikstad Low Rider helmet
Nikstad Low Rider Courtesy Sandbox

Nikstad Low Rider – my signature helmet with SandBox. The classic street-style Legend Low Rider helmet in Burgundy offers a nice and low profile and is designed for all things action sports. The graphic started out as a doodle on a napkin and I’m so happy to see it come to life on my first signature helmet.

The Vale 4D Binding is Anna Nikstad's pro model
Vale 4D Binding Courtesy Liquid Force

Vale – My Pro Model wakeboard bindings with Liquid Force that combine control, comfort and stability all in one tight little boot. It’s features a 4D Flex track which lock in so nice and securely. I’ve truly never felt more comfortable and confident in my riding then when I started riding with 4D hardware. The low profile boot/binding make moving around and grabbing your board a breeze.

Pharaoh Ladies Life Jacket
Pharaoh Ladies Jacket Courtesy Follow Wakeboarding

Pharaoh – This is my Signature Life vest / impact jacket with Follow. The most comfortable jacket for female wakeboarders in the game- yes it’s the best, yes I’ll wait for anyone to say otherwise.

Timeless patterns with comfort and style in mind. This jacket is performance driven and doesn’t slack off anywhere. It has come in multiple colors over the years including army green, black, wine, burnt orange, purpled blue and khaki. It’s made to fit the female shape while still allowing for flex and movement. Again, made for and influenced by a female rider but not bound to gender roles- just ask the guys.

Virago Anna Nikstad Pro Model
Virago Courtesy Liquid Force

Virago – My Pro Model wakeboard that is it’s own new shape with the Liquid Force cable board line. It features a continuous concave channel running down the middle of the board for traction on rails, thicker side walls for durability and a soft flex pattern combined with a reinforced middle and 3 stage rocker. Coming in 4 sizes from a stealthy 137 to a flattering 152.


The Virago is a weapon and doesn’t restrain itself as “gender specific”. VIRAGANG is a force to be reckoned with.

Victress Series rails are designed for female riders
Victress Series Courtesy Unit Parktech

Victress Series – Unit Parktech approached me about 2 years ago wanting to create a female inspired line of wakepark rails. After traveling to Unit Headquarters and working with their team – the Victress Series was born. The Victress Series is made up of 3 rails designed by myself and two fellow female athletes: Anne Freyer and Maryh Rougier. We each made our own wakepark rail to make up the line.

My rail is a double sided bank, with double sided creeper ledges all lined up with a thick hand-rail inspired pipe running through the middle. The banks and creepers tapper off towards the end exposing the mass of the handrail and providing a nice little drop to the water. It’s everything I love about rails all combined into one.

Pharaoh Boardshorts for women
Pharaoh Boardshorts Courtesy Follow Wakeboarding

Pharaoh Boardshorts – the Follow women’s boardshorts that protect. Soft neoprene outer layer with a reinforced spandex layer just beneath, that way you don’t have to worry about picking any wedgies out while you’re riding. Coming in two colors brown and black. It checks yourself before you wreck yourself.

Changing Poncho for lounging off the water
Changing Poncho Courtesy VIVIDA Lifestyle

Changing Poncho – probably the most frequently used item in my board bag. My VIVIDA Lifestyle changing poncho is clutch every time I ride. It’s long enough to keep you covered up and has hand holes on the sides for easy maneuvering. It’s hooded and cozy for any weather or climate. I use this poncho on so many occasions I can’t even begin to list them.

Sleep mask for relaxing
Silky Sleep Mask Courtesy VIVIDA Lifestyle

Silky sleep mask – another clutch item from VIVIDA Lifestyle is my super comfy – silky sleep mask. It travels with me everywhere I go. This sleep mask is exactly what you need for long haul trips, or if you’re just trying to catch some shut-eye on a sunny day. I’ve used this on planes, trains, cars, hammocks, beaches, classrooms, grassy knolls – you name it.


It’s padded so it feels like you have a pillow on your face and the silky fabric keeps you feeling nice and clean.