2020 Boats to Check Out

Take a look at some of today’s latest wake boats, in a range of price points.

April 2, 2020

Within the last half-decade, 2020 might be the most exciting year for new wake boats. The trend these past few years has been more options for all riding styles, taste ­levels and beyond. That continues this year in a big way. Here we highlight some of the new boats we think you should check out. For comparison’s sake, we’ve broken them into ­categories based roughly on cost. While one buyer might want as much luxury and tech as possible, another might just want a boat that’s easy to use, fun for the whole family and doesn’t break the bank. Take a look to see if any of these suit your needs.

The High Rollers

Designed for boat owners and riders who want it all—and then some—these boats leave nothing to spare.

Malibu M240 for 2020
Length: 24′ | Beam: 8’6″ | Ballast capacity: 3,200 lb. (without Power Wedge deployed) | Seating capacity: 17 | Fuel capacity: 86 gal. | Dry weight: 7,500 lb. | Starting MSRP: $245,000 Courtesy Malibu

Malibu M240


If you think this is just an M235 that’s a little ­bigger, you’d be wrong. Really wrong. Featuring an entirely new running surface, the all-new Surf Gate Fusion that’s ­integrated into the hull, and a long list of creature comforts, the M240 has it all, not to mention Malibu’s best wakes and waves.

Nautique G25 Paragon 2020 Boats to Watch For
Length: 25′ | Beam: 8’6″ | Ballast capacity: 2,200 lb. | Seating capacity: 19 | Fuel capacity: 83 gal. | Dry weight: 7,400 lb. | Starting MSRP: $280,950 Courtesy Nautique

Nautique G25 Paragon

Obviously the Paragon stands apart based on looks alone, with its unique exterior lines and angles, but Nautique’s new flagship is much, much more. From its signature telescoping tower to reclining stern seats to all-new dual Linc Panoray displays, the Paragon has everything you could ever want, and then some more. Of course, the wakes and waves it creates speak for themselves.

MasterCraft X26 2020 Boats
Length: 26’5″ | Beam: 8’6″ | Ballast capacity: 4,150 lb. | Seating capacity: Yacht Certified (seating for 18) | Fuel capacity: 108 gal. | Dry weight: 6,900 lb. | Starting MSRP: $176,985 Courtesy MasterCraft

MasterCraft X26

If you like the boating lifestyle as much as the ­watersports lifestyle but want to ride pro-level wakes and waves, the X26 is for you. Luxury abounds in this yacht-certified 26-footer, which includes an onboard head unit for those who scoff at “going in the lake.”

Performance Plus

For those who want world-class performance but don’t need every piece of tech or luxury, these boats deliver. You could say it’s like having your cake and eating it too.

Centurion Vi24 2020 Boats
Length: 24′ | Beam: 8’6″ | Ballast capacity: 4,800 lb. | Seating capacity: 14 | Fuel capacity: 63 gal. | Dry weight: 5,250 lb. | Price as tested: $153,415 Courtesy Centurion

Centurion Vi24 – Tested

The all-new Vi series from Centurion ­combines sporty lines with the ever-capable Opti-V hull. Put them together and you have a sleek-­looking ­machine that can pump out serious wakes and waves. With six ballast zones throughout the boat, the waves can be customized to suit ­beginners to pros.

Malibu 23 MXZ 2020 Boats
Length: 23′ | Beam: 8’6″ | Ballast capacity: 4,670 lb. (with Power Wedge deployed) | Seating capacity: 16 | Fuel capacity: 58 gal. | Dry weight: 5,400 lb. | Price as tested: $138,806 Courtesy Malibu

Malibu 23 MXZ – Tested


Sitting between the already popular 22 and 24 models, the 23 MXZ might just be the Goldilocks of Malibu’s famed pickle-fork-bow lineup. With Surf Gate and the Power Wedge III just a button push away, the 23 MXZ serves up Malibu’s signature rampy wakes and powerful, long waves. Add in the stern thruster and Malibu’s new ultra-­quiet Monsoon engine, and you have an all-around ­awesome boat that’s a ton of fun.

Supra SA 550 2020 Boats
Length: 22’5″ | Beam: 8’6″ | Ballast capacity: 3,700 lb. | Seating capacity: 16 | Fuel capacity: 63 gal. | Dry weight: 5,800 lb. | Starting MSRP: $137,200 Courtesy Supra

Supra SA 550 – Tested

These days a lot of people claim the 23-to-24-foot range as the sweet-spot boat length for ­optimal wakes and waves. The Supra SA is here to dispute that. With an updated running surface, as well as AutoWake system, the new SA creates world-class wakes and waves with ease. In our opinion, it stands alone in the 22-foot market.

Supreme ZS232 2020 Boats
Length: 23’2″ | Beam: 8’6″ | Ballast capacity: 4,600 lb. | Seating capacity: 16 | Fuel capacity: 81 gal. | Dry weight: 5,450 lb. | Price as tested: $124,971 Courtesy Supreme

Supreme ZS232 – Tested

We tested the ZS232 prior to its 2019 debut, and it didn’t disappoint. In fact, it ­elevated the Supreme line into a whole different ballgame. The flagship model looks the part, with ultra-­distinctive lines from bow to stern, while the tapered-V hull puts out top-level wakes and waves for all riding abilities.

Ballin’ On a Budget

These new boat models offer solid performance at lower price points for those who want to get out and have all the on-water fun without breaking the bank.

Axis A20 Boats 2020
Length: 20′ | Beam: 8’2″ | Ballast capacity: 3,810 lb. (with Power Wedge deployed) | Seating capacity: 11 | Fuel capacity: 42 gal. | Dry weight: 3,500 lb. | Price as tested: $71,995 Courtesy Axis

Axis A20 – Tested

The little dog with some big bite has been ­redesigned for 2020, and we were impressed with the results. Thanks to Surf Gate and the Power Wedge, the wake can be dialed in for beginners to advanced riders. The A20’s smaller size saves you on gas (both in use and while towing), and makes it easier to maneuver and store.

HeyDay WT-SURF 2020 Boats
Length: 24′ | Beam: 8′ | Ballast capacity: 2,800 lb. | Seating capacity: 17 | Fuel capacity: 60 gal. | Dry weight: 4,300 lb. | Starting MSRP: $57,999 Courtesy Heyday

Heyday WT-Surf

Heyday has made a name for itself as a ­leader in the price-point category. The WT-Surf is its biggest offering, with wakes and waves that will impress a variety of riders. The best part? It starts at under 60 grand, by far the cheapest boat of this size in the market.

MasterCraft NXT22 2020 Boats
Length: 22′ | Beam: 8’3″ | Ballast capacity: 2,150 lb. | Seating capacity: 14 | Fuel capacity: 50 gal. | Dry weight: 4,300 lb. | Starting MSRP: $79,995 Courtesy MasterCraft

MasterCraft NXT22

The NXT line is MasterCraft’s way to offer its signature wake and wave experience at a lower cost. Redesigned for 2020 with more features and a better running surface, the NXT22 offers a lot of potential without a lot of cost.

Moomba Kaiyen 2020 Boats
Length: 21’5″ | Beam: 8’6″ | Ballast: 3,700 lb. | Seating capacity: 15 | Fuel capacity: 45 gal. | Dry weight: 4,500 lb. | Starting MSRP: $75,460 Courtesy Moomba

Moomba Kaiyen – Tested

Take the popular Makai, shrink it 3 feet, and you have the Kaiyen. Equipped with a lot of Moomba’s best bells and whistles, such as ­AutoWake and the Flow 3.0 surf tabs, the Kaiyen is easy to use and easier to get into with its starting MSRP.

Alternative Pulls

There are a lot of options beyond the traditional inboard world, and they provide a unique set of skills and features for boaters with different wants and needs.

Regal LS2 Surf 2020 Boats
Length: 22’4″ | Beam: 8’6″ | Ballast: 1,500 lb. | Seating capacity: 12 | Fuel capacity: 56 gal. | Dry weight: 3,900 lb. | Price as tested: $82,505 Courtesy Regal

Regal LS2 Surf – Tested

Brand new for 2020, the LS2 Surf is Regal’s ­latest forward-drive surf boat, and it is one of the ­better forward drives we’ve ever tested. It’s easy to use and puts out a really fun wave with ­plenty of push. Add in Regal’s attention to detail and comfort, and you have a killer 22-foot boat with the versatility of a sterndrive system.

Starcraft MDX 201 Surf 2020 Boats
Length: 22’3″ | Beam: 8’6″ | Ballast capacity: 1,385 lb. | Seating capacity: 12 | Fuel capacity: 45 gal. | Dry weight: 2,715 lb. | Price as tested: $65,641 Courtesy Starcraft

Starcraft MDX 201 Surf – Tested

The MDX 201 Surf combines the comfort and ­pleasure-cruising capabilities of a deck-boat ­layout with the performance of a Volvo Penta ­forward drive and onboard surf systems. If you like hanging out on the lake with lots of family and friends and want to get into some casual, fun wakesurfing, the MDX 201 is a boat to consider.

Crownline E 255 Surf 2020 Boats
Length: 25’3″ | Beam: 8’6″ | Ballast capacity: 1,500 lb. | Seating capacity: 13 | Fuel capacity: 55 gal. | Dry weight: 5,701 lb. | Price as tested: $95,995 Courtesy Crownline

Crownline E 255 Surf – Tested

Crownline entered the surf market by integrating Volvo Penta forward-drive power and surf tabs to some of its line. The results are endless waves for the whole family on board a boat that rides as smooth as it looks. If you’re on a larger body of water, prefer the handling characteristics of a sterndrive or need a head unit for long days on the lake, the E 255 Surf could be for you.

Yamaha 242X 2020 Boats
Length: 24′ | Beam: 8’6″ | Ballast capacity: 1,400 lb. | Seating capacity: 12 | Fuel capacity: 50 gal. | Dry weight: 4,032 lb. | Starting MSRP: $78,999 Courtesy Yamaha

Yamaha 242X

The advantages of jet-drive-powered boats are numerous, but they haven’t always been able to keep up with watersports-dedicated craft. ­Enter Yamaha’s 242X. With built-in ballast and ­Yamaha’s WakeBooster attachment, the 242X is ready to rip, and it comes with a co-branded Slingshot wakesurf board.


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