2019 Supreme ZS232

The ZS232 marks a bold new entry in the wake market for Supreme.

  • Brand new from the bottom up for 2019, the ZS232 has flagship written all over it. While it's not Supreme's longest boat, it's by far the builder's biggest when it comes to on-board ballast and overall weight. The ZS is also the boldest and most unique-looking boat Supreme has ever built. On the water it's a sight to behold — and it screams wake-making machine.

  • With its unique Tapered V hull, which pinches in toward the transom to allow it to sink into the water more easily, the ZS232 puts out large, symmetrical wakes and waves that can hit the pro level in terms of size and rideability. With eight separate ballast zones, all controlled from the touchscreen on the dash, it's easy to customize the riding experience. A lever behind the steering wheel controls the Stinger Wake plate, which further customizes the characteristics of the wakes and waves. If you have a beginner who wants a more mellow ride, set the plate around 80 percent. If you're more advanced and looking for size, set it around 30 percent. The QuickSurf tabs on the ZS232 are designed to work specifically with the Tapered V hull, and that shows when you're on the water. The system is easily engaged and switched via the touchscreen, allowing surfers to transfer from one side of the boat to the other without worry or waiting.

  • 2019 Supreme ZS232
    Length: 23'2" | Beam: 8'6" | Draft: 2'8" | Dry Weight: 5,450 lb. | Ballast: 4,600 lb. | Seat/Weight Capacity: 16/2,400 lb. | Fuel Capacity: 81 gal.Garrett Cortese
  • Inside the ZS232 there's room for 14 along with all the requisite gear. A removable backrest easily slides into place midway along the portside seating to create a comfortable, rear-facing seat. The Spradling marine vinyl is both comfortable and durable, while adding a higher-end look to the Supreme line.

  • 2019 Supreme ZS232
    The Spradling marine vinyl is both comfortable and durable.Garrett Cortese
  • 2019 Supreme ZS232
    Under the padded seating area you'll find two convenient draining storage areas.Garrett Cortese
  • The rear sun deck on the ZS232 is also the biggest Supreme has ever created, and underneath it there's a great storage spot for wakesurf boards. Plus, under the padded seating area you'll find two convenient draining storage areas. Accessible from the swim step, they make for great spots to store vests, ropes and handles when getting out of the water.

  • Overall the ZS232 marks a bold new entry in the wake market for Supreme, and it hits a lot of nails squarely on the head.

  • 2019 Supreme ZS232
    The tower makes carrying a variety of boards easy.Garrett Cortese
  • High Points

    • A second subwoofer in the bow keeps tunes bumping up front.
    • 4,600 pounds of ballast ensure you’re creating giant wakes and waves.
    • The ZS gets its name from the aggressive lines that form a Z on the port side and an S to starboard.
  • Price: $124,971 (as tested)

  • 2019 Supreme ZS232
    Supreme ZS232 Certified Test ResultsWBM
  • How We Tested
    Engine: 450 hp GM Marine 6.0L HO
    Drive/Prop: V-drive/16" x 15" 4-blade
    Gear Ratio: 1.72:1
    Fuel Load: 64 gal.
    Crew Weight: 320 lb.

  • Supreme Boats - Merced, California; 209-384-0255; supremetowboats.com