We're kicking off this year's Sessions galleries with a short, but awesome-filled trip to the Suwannee River last year with part of the Ronix Wake team. As part of their 2019 catalog shoot, Danny Harf, Tyler Higham, Jake Pelot, and Chad Sharpe headed out of Orlando and up to the Suwannee with photographer Bryan Soderlind and Ronix team video man Erik Ruck. It was a quick one-night camping style trip, but what the Suwannee lacks in amenities, it more than makes up for in unique scenery and glassy water. Whether it's the countless springs that flow into it, or the cypress trees that surround its shores, the Suwannee is beautiful, and made for an epic backdrop for the crew. Check out the videos and photos to see for yourself!

Video: Erik Ruck
For most mortal wakeboarders, sliding over glass like this is a dream. For Danny Harf it's a Tuesday. Maybe a Wednesday.Bryan Soderlind
Tyler Higham riding the new RXT board and enjoying some Florida magic.Bryan Soderlind
If it floats...Bryan Soderlind
Chad Sharpe, still charging after all these years and keeping up with the young bucks.Bryan Soderlind
It's safe to say the Suwannee River is a unique spot.Bryan Soderlind
Danny Harf's riding is timeless.Bryan Soderlind
Two thumbs up from Ruck and Pelot.Bryan Soderlind
More of Tyler being Tyler.Bryan Soderlind
Fish break.Bryan Soderlind
What about gators?Bryan Soderlind
Jake is a really good tail grabber.Bryan Soderlind
These are some solid camp vibes.Bryan Soderlind
Dawn patrol with Danny means carving more glass.Bryan Soderlind
Some of the springs along the Suwannee have parks built around them, which means there spots to hit for Tyler.Bryan Soderlind
Sights on the Suwannee.Bryan Soderlind
Suwannee slayshing.Bryan Soderlind
Jake making the most of the perfect conditions on a quick trip.Bryan Soderlind
Cypress roots, crystal-clear waters, and a G23... Wakeboarding on the Suwannee River is pretty cool.Bryan Soderlind