Sea Ray 230 SLX-W Wakesurf Review

The 230 SLX-W is Sea Ray’s first model designed to offer high-quality wakesurfing waves, and we were impressed with just how well this boat surfed. With its patent pending SurFIN System, Dynamic Running Surface, watersports tower and integral ballast tanks, Sea Ray’s surfing potential has been elevated to new heights. One of our favorite features aboard the Sea Ray 230 SLX-W was the Dynamic Display.

Sea Ray 230 SLX-WWBM

This high-tech touchscreen not only controls all of the boat’s basic functions, it also gives you full control over the surf settings. Sea Ray’s new SurFIN System was a breeze to configure, and after a couple of taps on the screen, the boat was ready to be surfed. The wave behind the 230 SLX-W was not the tallest, but what it didn’t have in its height, it made up for in its length and power. The push of this wave was insane, and we have to say that this boat had one of the longest waves that we’ve ever ridden, which is really impressive for a boat that’s new to the wakesurfing world.

Sea Ray 230 SLX-WWBM

As tested:

Speed: 10.6 mph
Crew: 4 people
Ballast Settings: Wing tanks at 75 percent, center tank at 25 percent
User Settings: Starboard DRS 100 percent deployed/SurFIN 85 percent deployed


Length: 23'
Beam: 102"
Fuel Capacity: 50 gal.
Seating Capacity: 13 people
Dry Weight: 5,910 lb.

Sea Ray 230 SLX-WWBM