Best New Wakeboard Shapes

It’s that magical time of year when the weather starts to warm up and all you can think about is getting back on the water. To further your ­excitement, we’ve rounded up some ­intriguing new shapes for 2016. These are the hot new items you’ve really got to see in ­person to appreciate. So study up, whittle down your wish list, get to your local pro shop or favorite online ­retailer, and snatch one of these ­babies up! You know you’ll be lying awake at night thinking about it until you do. Happy shopping!

Byerly ARII

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Sizes: 54.5", 56.5"Byerly

Aaron Rathy's all-new Byerly ARII is going to really turn heads this year. Featuring a wide profile, a smooth yet poppy rocker line, minimal bottom features and a high-tech construction aimed to increase responsiveness and durability, the ARII was built to be durable enough to withstand anything you can throw at it, and yet remain smooth, lightweight and user-friendly underfoot. MSRP: $470

Ronix Press Play

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Sizes: 136.3 cm, 141.1 cm, 146.3 cmRonix

The Ronix Press Play is a new wake-park wonder for 2016. Its blended rocker line features a stiffer belly to hold the rocker on heavy landings or kickers, and a softer flex in the tip and tail for deeper presses, higher ollies and softer landings. And for those of you old enough to remember what a VHS tape is, the nostalgia level on this graphic should be off the charts. MSRP: $480

Liquid Force Watson Dose

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Sizes: 140 cm, 144 cmLiquid Force

The Liquid Force Helix, Substance, Watson Classic, Watson, and all the Hybrid and Fly variations in between left quite a ­legacy. It only makes sense to expect great things out of the all-new Watson Dose. And with features like an all-wood core, moderate flex pattern, and a thin, lightweight profile with a durable, all-terrain construction, it's easy to say we're expecting this one to be a big hit for 2016. MSRP: $530

Slingshot Oli

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Sizes: 4'8", 5'2"Slingshot

Admittedly, this isn't a new shape for 2016 — but the addition of the new 144-centimeter size option for 2016 is just as exciting. Oli Derome's board is focused on being the best all-around wake park and boat hybrid. With a moderate flex pattern, bulletproof construction, subtle yet defined bottom features, and a wide profile tip and tail for maximum pop and soft landings, it's hard not to love the Slingshot Oli no matter where you're riding it. MSRP: $549

CWB Honey Badger

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Sizes: 133 cm, 139 cmCWB

At first glance, the CWB Honey ­Badger looks almost too simple. In fact, the simplicity of this board just might be its greatest feature. Internally, its strategic flex pattern was designed to remain stiff and rigid between your feet to hold the rocker where you need it most, and thinned out in the tips to keep it flexible and jib-friendly. This makes the Honey Badger quite the wake-park contender. MSRP: $400

Hyperlite Relapse

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Sizes: 136 cm, 141 cmHyperlite

The Hyperlite Relapse is JD Webb's new pro model shape for 2016, and it looks awesome. JD is more excited about this shape than about any other board he's ever ridden. And with features like the birch laminate "full wood pop top," blended three-stage rocker, monocoque construction and killer graphics, it's no wonder JD speaks so highly of it. MSRP: $380