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Roswell R1 Pro Tower Speakers

The R1 Pro introduces an experience that consumes your senses of sight and sound.

August 12, 2019

Realizing a dream in developing the perfect blend of power and clarity, the tower speaker has been redefined with the all-new patent-pending Roswell R1 Pro. Matching their masterpiece of sound with a visual symphony created by the world’s first RGB LED light-permeable speaker housing, when Roswell set out to shoot for the stars they created one. The R1 Pro is a mission accomplished in delivering the new flagship of the R1 Audio line to introduce an experience that consumes your senses of sight and sound.

Technical Specs

Power (R1 Speaker): 200W RMS | 400W PEAK
Speaker: R1 Pro 8″ Woofer
Tweeter: Shotgun-mounted 1″ Compression Tweeter with Integrated Protection Circuit
Industry First: Patent-pending integrated RGB LED illuminates speaker and translucent housing to create your desired visual atmosphere
Extreme Saltwater and UV Resistance
Klippel® Tested and Certified: Guaranteed acoustic performance
Deutsch Wiring Harness: Providing water-tight connection to protect from corrosion
Machined Billet Roswell 360º 3″ Universal Clamp: Includes 1.90″, 2.375″ and 3″ Adapters

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