Ride Engine’s Blog Release

March 3, 2016
Slingshot Shredtown
Ride Engine releases their new wake-centric blog. Ride Engine

Ride Engine has recently created a blog to showcase all of their matters in the world of wake. This is a page you’ll want to go ahead and bookmark. Check it out.

As one of the newer companies to enter the wakeboarding industry, they already have a stacked team, including Felix Georgii, Jeff McKee, and the Shredtown Crew – Chris Abadie, Davis Griffin, and Andrew Adams. So why did Ride Engine choose to cater to wakeboarders? Find out in their blog.

Full Suits wakeboarding
Ride Engine Wetsuits Ride Engine

About Ride Engine: Ride Engine started with a Santa Cruz waterman, his creative ingenuity and a deep reverence for the ocean as Mother Nature’s greatest playground. Coleman Buckley graduated from Stanford In 2010 with a degree in biology before returning to Santa Cruz to reconnect with his roots and evaluate his future … and to surf.


In the fall of 2014 Buckley joined forces with 7 Nation, a board sports company based in the Pacific Northwest. With significantly more resources and collaborators from multiple industries at its disposal, Ride Engine quickly had the ability to branch out and develop new product lines crossing over to other action sports. Ride Engine launched three models of highly-refined Armor harnesses to international markets in the summer of 2015 and followed with a full line of wetsuits the same season.

With a mantra of innovation through intimate rider-designer collaboration, Ride Engine continued to branch out, and quickly connected with top riders and innovators in the wake industry to develop a line of high-end wakeboarding accessories that also entered the market in the summer of 2015.

Collaboration with the best has always been at the core of Ride Engine, and as the company moves forward that concept will remain integral to how it operates. Ride Engine works with and relies on the most elite athletes in their sports to design top-quality products that help connect people with the activities that make them happy. And with those fundamentals at heart, the future is wide open.


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