PTM Introduces ClampForce and UCX-17 PRO

September 21, 2016
boat board racks
Protomet introduces ClampForce™ – industry’s first aftermarket clamping board rack PTM Edge

Protomet, an award-winning provider of engineering and manufacturing services, has released its first aftermarket clamping board rack – ClampForce™ – under its PTM Edge brand of watersports products.

For the past 5 years, Protomet has supplied the industry’s premier clamping board racks to boat manufacturers including Tigé, Malibu, Supra and Centurion. The company will now market its own aftermarket racks through all PTM Edge dealers nationwide.

“This was a direct response to market demand,” said Jeff Bohanan, President of Protomet. “Customers of PTM Edge have come to expect the highest level of quality and workmanship from their marine products, and they wanted an aftermarket clamping board rack from PTM Edge – so we created ClampForce™.”


The new ClampForce™ board racks:

• Lock boards tightly down with a simple pull of a lever
• Release with the push of a button
• Quickly swivel inward for easy access to boards (as well as access to storage)
• Hold up to two (2) boards per side
• Are entirely machined from aerospace-grade billet aluminum
• Are electropolished and anodized for a premium finish that will provide years of maintenance-free use
• Easily mount to towers with a 1.2 inch square four-bolt pattern
• Are designed and manufactured in the USA

“ClampForce™ gives consumers access to a world-class clamping board rack for their boat no matter what boat they have,” Bohanan said. “With our national dealer network, these racks will be readily available to anyone who wants one.”

wakeboarding boat mirror
PTM Edge announces boating industry’s first universal-mount mirror bracket system PTM Edge

PTM Edge has also released the boating industry’s first universal-mount mirror bracket system called the UCX-17 PRO™.

Every state in the nation requires boaters to have a wide-angle mirror and/or a competent observer present when a boat is towing someone (skiing, tubing, wake boarding, etc.) and nearly half of the states require both.

“The legal safety requirements for boats pose a problem for many of the newer pontoon boats and other center-console boats that don’t have a standard rail system on which to easily mount a mirror,” said Jeff Bohanan, President of PTM Edge and its parent company, Protomet.


“Because the UCX-17 PRO can be installed directly onto the console, it allows pontoon and other center-console boaters to have the same prescription-grade, panoramic mirrors other boats have. The UCX-17 PRO is unique, and it’s a direct response to trends we are seeing in the boating industry.”

The one-of-a-kind UCX-17 PRO universal-mount mirror bracket system:

• Features adjustable height for drivers’ preference
• Comes standard with the PTM Edge VR-100 PRO™ HD panoramic mirror
• Quickly folds down for removal or storage
• Easily mounts on virtually any console on any angle
• Features ball and socket joints on both ends to provide infinite adjustments
• Is machined from aerospace-grade billet aluminum
• Is electropolished and anodized for a premium finish that will last for years of maintenance-free use


PTM Edge makes and markets boating mirrors, wakeboard racks, ski/wake towers and other boating components under the PTM Edge Watersports brand for boats of all kinds. The PTM Edge product line has won numerous awards including the IBEX Innovation Award for its ski/wake towers.

PTM Edge is part of the Protomet family of companies and is headquartered in Oak Ridge, TN. The company was named one of Tennessee’s “Fast 50” (the state’s fastest growing companies). Protomet Corporation is currently undergoing a $30 million expansion and will hire 200 new employees in the next five years.

For more information about PTM Edge, visit or visit Protomet at


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