Cory Teunissen Wins the 2022 Pro Wakeboard Tour

Teunissen won an action-packed stop four and took home the tour title.

The 2022 Pro Wakeboard Tour, presented by Supra Boats, is wrapped up for the season and it was nothing short of insane! The pro athletes worked so hard this season to try to have a place on the podium in each event. After a heated battle, Cory Teunissen came out on top, but Nic Rapa was hot on his heels in hopes of dethroning Cory. Not only did Cory win stop 4, he also won the tour overall. Let’s break down the competition and see how it all went down.

The event happened live, but was made for media so it was released online September  5 on FuelTV and YouTube. The event happened at Lake David in Groveland, Florida and showcased the best wakeboarders in the world. Alexa Score and Parks Bonifay hosted the event and interviewed the athletes lakeside.

As the event transpired the athletes and their families looked out upon the lake to watch the passes of other riders to see which tricks they’d need to pull out of their trick back when it was their turn to ride. Cory had an incredible finals run consisting of a heelside 9, backside 9, toeside 9, double heelside backroll, double toeside backroll, toeside 10, back mobe 5, crow mobe 5, and a double half cab roll off the double up! 

Nic Rapa made competition history at stop 4! He became the first wakeboarder to ever land a double tantrum to blind in a wakeboarding competition! If you don’t know what that means, no sweat, let’s break down the trick. Nic approached the wake on his heel side, launched off the wake, flipped two full rotations backwards, and then landed blind. Let me say, it was incredible to witness first hand!

The final pro heat featured six riders: Cory Teunissen, Nic Rapa, Guenther Oka, Tyler Higham, Fynn Bullock, and Maxime Roux. The pro athletes put it all on the line and had some incredible runs! The riders were on FIRE! It was such a blast to watch as I was fortunate enough to have a front row seat, as I filmed the riders from the boat. Speaking of video, stay on the lookout for our upcoming recap video of PWT stop 4.  In the end, Cory Teunissen took the final heat, winning the top spot on the PWT podium! If you haven’t already, click the video above to see the full event which includes wakeboarding and wakesurfing. I’d be a shame to miss out on such world class action sports. Go watch them throw down some insane tricks!

Stop 4 Finals Results

  1. Cory Teunissen 96.00
  2. Nic Rapa 93.33
  3. Guenther Oka 86.33
  4. Tyler Higham 77.00

Words With the Winner: Cory Teunissen

WBM: Hey Cory, you absolutely killed it throughout the whole Pro Wakeboard Tour! Congrats on all your insane runs, tricks, and successfully winning stop 4 and the Pro Wakeboard Tour as a whole! Describe your emotions going into the finals and especially when you found out you won it all!

CT: Yeah mate! I was just happy with my performance. I had an idea on what I wanted to do and happened to do it exactly as I wanted. I also kinda knew with the points lead that I had and what I did secured me the overall title. So more just proud of what I was able to lay down and joy knowing I just clinched the championship. It was a good day for sure!

Be sure to check out stop 1, 2, and 3 if you missed them to see how the riders did throughout the whole pro wakeboard tour season.

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The Pro Wakeboard Tour is sponsored by Supra Boats in addition to: Indmar Marine Engines, PTM Watersports, FuelTV, Boatmate Trailers, Roswell Marine, JL Audio, Gatorstep,  Piedmont Plastics, Universal Products, Fat Sac Ballast Systems, Zero Off, Liquid Force, Acme Propellers, Wake Channel, Wakeland Manufacturing, and Apex Canvas!

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