Teunissen Takes First at Stop 2 of the 2022 Pro Wakeboard Tour

The 30th Anniversary PWT continues to thrill and innovate with new digital format.

Cory Teunissen followed up his win at Stop One of the Pro Wakeboard Tour with another win at Stop Two of the 30th annual PWT.

The digital event launched on FuelTV on July 11 which is good news because it’s available to watch globally on the internet. Each rider submitted their best nine filmed tricks from any time period over their career for a chance to come out on top. Out of the nine tricks, one has to be a double up and another a less than five. The unique video format of this event gives the riders an amazing advantage over a live competition due to the ability to submit their best content of landed tricks. Each rider will have to dig deep into their trick bank to end out on the podium. Let’s check in with our hosts Alexa Score and Parks Bonifay to see how the athletes did in Stop 2!

All the trick submissions from the riders left the judges in a tough spot with having to choose from so many talented entries. It was equally as tough for the riders however. The pressure was on when deciding which tricks to submit for the contest because none of the riders knew which tricks their competition would be using as in their entries. After much deliberation, in the winner’s line up: Cory Teunissen took 1st place, not far behind Tyler Higham in 2nd, and Nick Rapa in 3rd place.The form factor is different in stop 2.

Nick Rapa has won the PWT the last 3 years and it appears he’s in for a lot of competition as all the riders throw down their best tricks. With so much new talent, every rider has to step up their runs. 

Tyler Higham hit an insane heel seven with a 180 rewind on the landing for his double up. As one of the best riders in the world, Cory Teunissen has competed on the Pro Wakeboard Tour for nearly ten years. He’s from Australia, but spends much of the year in Orlando, Florida. He absolutely shreds on the water so it’s no surprise that he came out on top. Cory’s goal is to do everything to the best of his ability and we definitely got to witness that in this event. The insane tricks Cory Teunissen submitted, landed him in the winners seat yet again!

Pro Wakeboarding Final Results Stop Two, Digital Event

1stCory Teunissen98.67
2ndTyler Higham96.67
3rdNic Rapa94.67
4thMassi Piffaretti86.33
5thShota Tezuka82.33
6thGuenther Oka81.67
7thSam Brown75.00
8thNoah Wildman68.33

Words With the Winner: Cory Teunissen

Wakeboarding Magazine: Hey Cory! Congrats on taking 1st at Pro Wakeboard Tour! How did it feel to win yet again?

Cory: Thank you! I feel good! I’m stoked to get another one and develop two for two this year. I didn’t get to win one PWT last year, but I got two already this year. So I’m definitely pretty hyped. For the first time in a long time everything is good and going well. I’m riding the best I’ve ever ridden!

Wakeboarding Magazine extends a huge congratulations to Cory Teunissen on yet another Pro Wakeboard Tour 1st place win. Tune in on FuelTV and YouTube to see all the action and if Cory Teunissen will get a three-pete at Stop 3, happening August 8!

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