Pro Wakeboard Tour: Tony Iacconi

Pro Wakeboard Tour: Tony IacconiWBM

Tony Iacconi

You are invited to compete on the 2019 Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour!

As a top 8 ranked athlete you are exempt from qualifying on Friday, May 17th and will directly compete in the main event in the season opener on Saturday, May 18th at August Lakes in Katy, TX!

The world class venues are:

2019 Supra Boats PWT Schedule

Katy, TX - May 18th

Mantua, UT - June 22nd

Ypsilanti, MI - July 13th

Boise, ID - August 3rd

We will be holding the PWT athlete meeting Friday, May 17th, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Please register at to accept your exempt slot on the Tour.

Pro Wakeboard Tour: Tony IacconiWBM

Nickname: TI
DOB: 11/13/96
Resides: Orlando, FL
Hometown: Newcastle, Australia
Stance: Regular
2018 PWT Finish: 4th
Best PWT Finish: 4th Overall 2018

What to Watch For: Tony has consistently elevated his riding, both in technicality and style, year after year. That was evident with his best finish of his career last year, taking the 4th overall spot and landing on the podium a couple times throughout the season. Tony has a wide variety of spin and double flip combos, and the ability to link them all in ultra clean lines, but to really stand out this year you might see him try to pull the elusive backside 900, which is rarely attempted in contests.

Pro Wakeboard Tour: Tony IacconiWBM

Follow Him:
Instagram: @tonyiacconi
Facebook: @tony.iacconi