Most Luxurious Boat Features of 2016

October 10, 2016

We tend to focus on performance features in this magazine, and with good reason. After all, we’re riders, so logically we want to know how the latest and greatest hull innovations, ballast setups and surf systems are going to take our wakeboarding and wakesurfing to lofty new heights. But bigger, better wakes are only part of the promise of today’s wakeboats. More than ever, wakeboat brands are also dedicated to developing comfort and convenience features that elevate your on-water life to likely unnecessary but still “damn if that isn’t amazing” levels. So today we’re inviting you to take a page out of the Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford Parks and Recreation playbook and treat yo self.

Nautique Boats
SEAT SOPHISTICATION Wakeboarding Magazine

A driver’s seat that makes you feel like some sort of insanely comfortable astronaut? Treat yo self.

Nautique’s new racing-inspired helm seat is designed to make you feel as locked in as a Formula 1 driver and incredibly at ease at the same time. The seat’s taller, lean back means your back is supported even when you’re using the built-in bolster, and its open design makes it a cinch to get in and out of.

Tige Boats
SMART STORAGE Wakeboarding Magazine

Cavernous, creative storage that keeps your interior clutter-free, allowing you and your guests to kick back, stretch out, and enjoy some tasty bevvies? Treat yo self.

Sure, storage might not sound too sexy, but try loading up your interior with 16 people and all their gear without storage and see how much fun you have. Tigé’s flagship ASR is loaded with smart and sprawling storage that gives you more than enough space to stow all those wonderful toys. Removable cooler storage in the walk-through allows you to load up a fully stocked ice chest, while the innovative transom surf locker holds up to two of your most unwieldy wakesurfers.

Roswell Marine Audio
ORCHESTRA OVERHEAD Wakeboarding Magazine

An entire vessel awash in sweet, sweet sounds? Treat yo self.


The result of a collaboration with Roswell, the new Downfire system from Centurion raises the bar for marine surround sound systems — literally. Rather than mounting speakers as usual in side panels or on the tower facing back to the rider, Downfire directs your favorite tunes down into your boat. Even better, a dual-zone volume knob gives you multizone audio control.

Supra Boats
COMBINED CONTROLS Wakeboarding Magazine

Built-in controls that let you manage everything from speed to your stereo without ever taking your hands off the wheel? Treat yo self.

Supra’s all-new steering wheel features integrated, color-contrasted controls that let you adjust the stereo, Swell surf system, cruise control and wake plate with your fingertips.

MasterCraft Boats
LAKESIDE SEATING Wakeboarding Magazine

Ultra-comfy rear-facing transom seats that bring your living room to the lake? Treat yo self.

MasterCraft’s all-new X23 is loaded with sophisticated seating, but the pair of convertible, rear-facing sun-deck seats are hands-down the coolest. Simply flip up a pair of supportive seat backs, ease down into the surprisingly comfortable bucket seats, and take in the best views on the lake.


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