Monterey 238SS Roswell Surf Edition

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Monterey 238SS Roswell Surf EditionWakeboarding Magazine

The Monterey 238SS hull has been available for a few years already, but when it came time to modify a model for wakeboarding and wakesurfing, this boat emerged as a perfect ­candidate. Why? Because before that point, the SS was ­already performing well under its current ­power plant, so with the addition of the Volvo Penta forward-drive system, it only ­became that much better.

On top of that, Monterey also added ­Lenco trim tabs so the wave and wake can now be shaped however you like them. The addition of performance accessories from Roswell also makes the 238SS a great offering for someone seeking a sterndrive boat. The SS can create great wakes and a solid surf wave, and the high-­density foam flooring throughout the ­entire cockpit, lounge and swim platform makes it comfortable and safe. We were very ­impressed with the interior layout and features of the Monterey, but as we dived a little deeper into the functionality of the boat, we found ourselves pretty impressed with everything it had to ­offer.

Whereas in previous sterndrive boats, the ­safety of the prop was a concern, the Volvo Penta forward drive stays safely out of the way and far underneath the hull so you’re never in any danger. We noticed a little prop turbulence when the boat first started off, but it’s nothing you couldn’t get used to.

Overall, with its comfort, high-performance attributes, and Roswell accessories to boot, the Monterey proved to be a great option for anyone looking for the benefits of a sterndrive boat and the high performance of a wakeboat. We highly recommend checking one out!

Monterey Boats
Monterey 238SS Roswell Surf EditionWakeboarding Magazine


When we took the Monterey 238SS Roswell Surf Edition out for testing, we invited our boat editor, Craig Kotilinek, out for a wakesurf session ­behind it. He mentioned that the face of the wave was steep and the transition was a little on the short side, but it’s perfect for boosting airs or lip tricks. The lip was fairly pronounced, so you know exactly where the end of the wave is and there are no guessing games.

Length 23'
Beam 102"
Dry Weight 3,950 lb.
Fuel Capacity 52 gal.
Seating Capacity 11
Ballast 1,810 lb.
Standard Power 300 hp
Max Power 300 hp