Pros Learn a New Trick – Meagan Ethell

Watch as Meagan attempts to learn how to hit double ups!

The double up. These days it’s not as prominent as it once was. Thanks to bigger boats with gigantic wakes, riders no longer need it to learn new tricks. Not to mention, those gigantic wakes make even more gigantic double ups, which can make even the most pro of professional riders pucker up just a bit. Going big will never go out of style though, and some of today’s younger riders are saddling up and learning to master that bucking bronco that is two large wakes converging to make the beautiful launch pad known as the double up.

Meagan Ethell has been at the top of women’s wakeboarding for years now, but she’s never content to rest on her laurels. This spring she pushed herself to start learning double ups. As you can see, it’s not easy, and it definitely takes timing, coordination, and some strong nerves. Props to her for going for it, and we know that it won’t be long before we see her doing some pretty awesome stuff off the double up!


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