LearnWake Trick Tips - Perfecting Your Heel Side Jumps

Your edge out is just as important as your edge in when learning to jump the wake properly!

As you get ready for summer, it's a good idea to start reviewing some of the basics of your riding. Even if you've got a decent sized bag of tricks, it never hurts to re-examine fundamentals and find ways to work on them. Trust us, a stronger foundation now makes learning more tricks much easier in the future.

For a lot of riders, especially beginners, the hardest part about learning to jump the wake comes down to edging, speed, pop, and body control. But what many don't realize is that the edge out away from the wake can have a huge impact on your jumps, because it directly affects how you edge into the wake. Take a look at this video from the LearnWake channel and you might unlock some things that will help take your riding to the next level.