Last Words: George Daniels

September 29, 2016
We see what’s been up with Georgie boy. Photo: Rodrigo Donoso


Cable set:
Last Sunday at 9 a.m. sharp, filming for a little cable edit coming out soon.

Song you listened to:
“Roll With It” by Easton Corbin

Three-cheese stuffed tortellini with vodka sauce (­nonalcoholic) and grilled chicken in spicy Italian dressing


New trick learned at the park: I’ve been really digging nose blunts lately.

Person you taught how to ride:
Man, probably just helping out some kids at OWC. A couple of tips here and there.

Major purchase:
I finally upgraded from the ­iPhone 4 to a 6s, if that counts.


Fatherly thing you did:
Holding my 2-year-old son up to put the ball in the hoop!

Wakeskate road trip:
I went out to Battle Falls like a month ago at Reed Hansen’s. That’s pretty far for me. Been a slow winter on trips.

Good deed:
I gave a homeless person some snacks from my lunchbox.


Concert you went to:
I went to a Colt Ford concert some years ago by boat out in Clermont. Pretty wild time.

Probably American Sniper. I feel like a grandpa with all these last questions.

New Smyrna Beach with the family


Switch trick you learned:
Switch frontside 540 off the kicker

Non-wake-related website you visited:
Surfline always. I gotta know when the next swell is coming.

Text you sent:
To James Balzer, trying to figure out when we’re going to hang out since he’s back in the USA for a couple of weeks.

Advice you received from Byerly:
Happy wife, happy life.

Pair of wakeskate shoes purchased:
Nike SB Stefan ­Janoski. The best shoes ever.

Doubles partner at the park:
Brandon Thomas. My rope ended up hitting the GoPro off the stick and we lost the footage and camera from that day. Haven’t ridden doubles since.

Person you talked to on the phone:
My smoking-hot wife


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