Jever Fun Wake The Line Powered by Nissan 2016 – Sunday, August 28th

August 24, 2016
wakeboarding contest
Only a few more days to go until Jever Fun Wake The Line powered by Nissan 2016 on Sunday August 28th! WTL


All 16 riders that have been voted into the event will participate at Jever Fun Wake The Line powered by Nissan 2016. Check out their Instagram account @waketheline for the full line-up.

Spot 17 and 18 ( Leon Illenseer GER and Tobi Damith GER ) will be replacement riders.

Training starts Friday the 26th.


Prize Money

The amount of 40.000 Euros will be split between all 24 participating riders. Of course the winners will walk away with a significantly larger pot.


The Wakeboarding contest will be held in three rounds:
1st round: Head to head (16 down to 8) 3 runs each, best 2 runs count, highest score advances.
2nd round: Head to head (8 down to 4) 3 runs each, best 2 runs count, highest score advances.
3rd round: Final, 3 runs each, best 2 runs count to ranking 1-4.

The Wakeskate contest will be held in the same format, only with 2 rounds.


Head to head 1st round (Draw)

The judges will determine 8 seeded athletes, who draw their opponents from the remaining 8. Similar for Wakeskate.


The judging panel for Wakeboard will consist of:
Andy Kolb (GER)
CK Koester (UK)
Tom Fooshee (USA)

The judging panel for Wakeskate will consist of:
Matt Manzari (USA)
Silas Thurman (USA)
Tom Fooshee (USA)



The Move-In to the Stadionbad has already started and over the course of the next 4 days the #UNITPARKCREW is busy putting together the biggest WTL setup ever built. We will not release any photos of the whole setup until Thursday (25th) night on FB Live. Only single features and sneak peeks until then.

wakeboarding contest
Wake The Line 2016 WTL

Highlights Media coverage

This year’s Wake The Line is going to be one of the best yet and we hope to reach as many people as possible with this amazing contest and some behind the scenes impressions. Facebook and Social Media in general has proven itself to be the best platform for this.


The Event will be broadcasted via Facebook LIVE from our FB page. Start 2:30pm European time.
Host: Matt Crowhurst + guests
Due to the 4h limit FB has set for LIVE broadcasts we will unfortunately only be able to show the Wakeskate Final, not the first round.
After the broadcast has ended the stream will still be available as a VOD on their page.


Side note: Facebook adjusts the reach according to engagements, which is not only Likes, Comments and Shares (please share) but also if you turn to full screen, turn on HD and turn up the audio, which should both be not too hard with having Mr. Matt Crowhurst and guests hosting the show and us mixing several camera angles to the best possible HD output.

Nouncy Campaign: When WTL 2016 goes LIVE, contribute to their Nouncy campaign. You can do so from your personal profile AND the pages you manage.

wakeboarding contest
Wake The Line 2016 WTL

Setup Preview:

According to plan, the first official preview of the whole Jever Fun Wake The Line powered by Nissan 2016 setup will also happen on FB LIVE on Thursday evening. More info coming soon.

Riders Draw:

We are also planing to give everyone the opportunity to join us for the riders draw on Saturday night – also via FB LIVE.

Brad Smeele

We have already booked flights for Brad to come to WTL. Unfortunately Brad is not fit to travel at the moment and therefore can’t make it to Cologne. Still we want to thank everyone for their support.


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