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Innovative LinQ Cargo System from Sea-Doo Opens the Door to Long-Distance Adventure

The GTX Limited with the LinQ Cooler and the RXT-X with the LinQ Fuel Caddy and the LinQ BagSea-Doo

Personal watercraft have always opened the door to adventure, but one practical limitation has always held it back when it comes to true long-distance riding, the exploration of remote waterways or just enjoying extended playtime on the water: a lack of storage. Sea-Doo’s improved bow cargo compartments — with direct-access from a seated position — might swallow a lot of gear, but the contents are limited to mostly smaller, softer items that fit within the confines of the hull. Truly practical additions such as a spare gas caddy or an insulated cooler? They’re usually left back at the dock, or in rare cases, strapped precariously atop the limited confines of the aft deck.

The RXT 230 with the semi-rigid LinQ Bag stack on top of the LinQ Fuel CaddySea-Doo

The innovative Sea-Doo LinQ cargo system changes the status quo. A pair of pop-up composite cleats recessed into the newly supersize aft deck of 2018 GTX, RXT and WAKE PRO 230 models, the LinQ attachment points allow users to securely mount a variety of accessories to the swim platform and keep them handy for the ride, whether that ride’s a true long-distance adventure or just an extended day on the water. The LinQ accessories-mounting flanges easily slide into one cleat, and then are held in place at the other with a simple quarter-turn of a durable cam-lock latch. When mounted in place, accessories prove secure and free of excess play or vibration. In fact, BRP has already proved the system on both their Ski-Doo snowmobile and Can-Am ATV lines. (Worried about the longevity of that hardware in a saltwater environment? A marinized hardware kit is available for less than $18.)

The WAKE PRO 230 with the LinQ Ski PylonSea-Doo

Current LinQ accessories are tailor-made for those adventures outside your normal comfort zone. The gas caddy is probably the most practical addition, securing another 4 gallons to the craft for those longer journeys when a fuel dock isn’t guaranteed. There’s also a 4.2-gallon, rotomolded Yeti-style cooler, ready to be packed with ice, food and drinks. When in place, it opens conveniently toward the saddle, making it easy to spin in your seat and grab a drink or snack from within. A third accessory, a semi-rigid, 5.5-gallon zippered trunk with internal dry bag can be mounted solo, or conveniently stacked atop the gas caddy. Watersports more your style of adventure? An additional deck plate provides for quick and easy installation of a retractable ski pylon, compete with reinforcing arms and grab handles for a rear-facing spotter.