Games of WAKE – Gunner Daft vs. Gordon Harrison

August 13, 2016

We asked Gunner Daft and Gordon Harrison to battle it out in a little Game of WAKE. We had no idea they would both be matching trick for trick and learning new stuff along the way. Check out their epic battle and stay tuned for more Games of WAKE!

A few quick rules to note:

  • Rider gets one try to set the trick much like playing HORSE or a game of SKATE.
  • The second rider then has two tries to land it (Gunnner got two attempts on the wrapped 3, we lost the other clip).
  • The riders alternate who sets the trick.
  • Rider let’s the other one know which trick they are trying before they attempt to set it.
  • Boat crew makes the final call on any close decisions.

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