Five Legendary Wake Films

July 7, 2017

Before we start this list, we have to state a disclaimer that this is not a complete list of legendary videos and that these videos are not in any particular order. A complete list would take an entire book, and if we ranked these videos in order, we’re sure that people could make convincing arguments for why we’re wrong.

wakeboarding film
Danny Harf Filming for Prime WBM


Prime was released in 2014 and pulled together all the best wakeboarders in the world. If you were trying to explain what wakeboarding is to someone, showing this film would be the best way to do it. It has the most diverse riding that any wake video has ever had. It has boat, cable, style, tech, wakeskating, and just about every variation of wakeboarding. This fast-paced, heavy-hitting film won Video of the Year at Wake Awards the year it was released and for good reason. You can still download it from Amazon or iTunes, and it’s absolutely a must-see.


12 Honkeys

This is a little bit of a throwback for those of you who haven’t been in the sport that long, being filmed in 1999 and released in early 2000. Some of the riders in this film include Darin Shapiro, Scott Byerly, and Parks Bonifay, all at their peak of riding. The closing section that Parks has in this video could still hold its own today with multiple 900s and his signature double half cab roll. This film also had a pretty awesome storyline where all the riders were escaped convicts, so if you want to see the acting ability of some of your favorite legendary riders, check this one out. The video concludes with a “to be continued…” as a young Thomas Horrell dives into the sunset in a limo while wearing a chicken suit. Well… we’re coming close to two decades since its release, and we’re still waiting for that part two.

Parks Documentary


If you know what wakeboarding is, you know who Parks Bonifay is. This film takes you through his life from his days as the waterskiing baby all the way to 2008. Not only do you see into his life but also into the lives of the riders around him who shaped wakeboarding into what it is today. Parks was doing tricks in contests or on video that would take years for other riders to land. This is a movie that demonstrates talent, perseverance, and a pure love of the sport. You don’t need to be into wakeboarding to enjoy this movie about the extraordinary life of Parks.


Welcome was a Hyperlite team video from 2004. The concept behind the video was documenting the team while they spent a week at Radar Lake in Washington. It showed everything from rail and boat riding to Shaun Murray singing campfire songs about eating too many hotdogs. The epic scenery makes you forget that this whole video is shot in a single location, and the soundtrack might be the best in any video ever. Each song compliments the rider’s unique style and include artists like Jimi Hendrix, NOFX, and Ray Charles.



Released in 2001, Incomplete was produced by the Pointless Posse which included guys like Shane Bonifay, Chad Sharpe and Shawn Watson, just to name a few. This was a film that pushed the boundaries of riding at the time, and it will still make your jaw drop when you see it. What these guys were doing at the time was unheard of. This was also one of the first films to really showcase rail riding and paved the way for the future. Not to mention, this movie was just outright badass. It showed the guys on and off the water and made you feel like you were right there with them, partying and riding.


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