Five Items to Keep in Your Board Bag

These items should be in every board bag.

July 6, 2017

Whether you’re taking a trip across the world or just bringing your stuff to go ride at your buddy’s house, there are some things that should always go with you. Nothing is worse than needing something crucial and not having it. That’s why we tend to pack on the heavier side, just to be safe.

wakeboarding boardbag
Five Items to Keep in Your Board Bag WBM

Multi-purpose screwdriver

This would seem like an obvious choice to have since tightening bindings is something you should do almost every time before you ride. Unfortunately, not all riders have a Boy Scout mentality. Next time you’re at a contest, there’s a good chance you will see one person put on their bindings right before their run and realize that one is loose. If you’re the guy with a screwdriver, this is an easy way to become somebody’s best friend really quickly.

Extra binding laces or shoelaces

No matter which boots you rock, if they have laces on them, the laces will break eventually. It always happens. If you don’t have extra laces on you, you better hope that day isn’t right before your contest run or while you’re out at an epic winch spot. There’s nothing worse than having to end a session and go home all because of equipment failure, especially when it can be repaired for less than a dollar.



This is something that you should keep with you while you’re enjoying the summer, whether you’re wakeboarding or not. It’s just easy to keep a little tube for your face in a board bag and have it for when you need it. An even more convenient option is the sample-size packs. If you ever make it to Surf Expo, you can get enough of them there (for free) to last you a lifetime. Nobody wants to be the lobster in the group.


Although this isn’t practical for all situations, having a skateboard with you can really make a difference. It’s the easiest mode of transportation to pack, and on wake trips it can really allow you to cover more ground when it comes to sightseeing. Having a skateboard can also be a big help at cable parks. We can all think of a few times where we wish we had a skateboard to get back to our car, instead of taking that 30-minute walk.

Changing towel

This one may save your life. There is nothing worse than finishing a set on a cool, crisp day and then freezing all four of your cheeks off while you wait for the rest of your crew to ride. A large towel can serve many purposes. It can be a private changing room, insulation to keep you warm, or it can provide shade on a hot summer day. The only thing about this suggestion though is to make sure to change it out regularly! We’ve all had that one friend who has kept that damp, rank towel in their bag for way too long.


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