Editor's Pick: 2017 Liquid Force Flex 4D Bindings

"Not only can you get your stance exactly where you want, but it feels like you are connected directly to the board without a plate or anything else in between." – Shane BonifayJason Lee

I flew Frontier several months ago. (You’re probably wondering what this has to do with the Flex bindings, but I’ll get there.) Like I said, I flew Frontier several months ago. It was $50 cheaper than the Delta flight, so it was the obvious choice — or so I thought.

I shuffled toward 17F, put my bag in the overhead, and then all-too-abruptly sat down. After nearly breaking my tailbone on the faux-cushioned seat, I realized I had made a poor decision. Baffled why an airline would make its passengers endure this discomfort, I did some research and learned that airlines are installing thinner seats to reduce aircraft weight. Makes sense — lighter planes fly more efficiently. So less weight requires less fuel, or less power.

Liquid Force understands this logic, so for 2017, they created the revolutionary 4D Chassis System for their bindings, shaving off 15 percent of the weight from previous models. Do you see where I'm going with this? Lighter bindings fly more efficiently too. Put these bindings on, and you're going to get booted with less effort. At least that's what happened to me when I strapped them on. And this go-round, it was a much more comfortable riding experience than 17F.

While Liquid Force did away with a lot of the bulky underfoot material, they didn’t skimp on the good stuff. The Flex 4D bindings feature the new-and-improved Reflex liners, which hug your calves, ankles and feet in all the right places to ensure a snug and custom-feel fit. Not only will your feet be feeling good, but your knees and ankles will also be rejoicing thanks to the impact-absorbing properties of the Honeycomb FlexFloor.

And if the name didn’t give it away already, these bindings offer a ton of flex and mobility. The upper portion of the boot flexes independently, allowing better range of motion for all of those grabs, presses and tuck-knees you’re sure to be doing in these bad boys. On top of that, Liquid Force specifically designed the thin and flexible 4D construction to reduce baseplate rigidity and increase binding-to-board responsiveness.

The year is 2017, and wakeboard bindings can now flex with our boards. Welcome to the future.